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 Grayson County Speedway

David Smith


David began racing in  1987 in a Hot Stock at Superbowl Speedway in Greenville. He started racing for the fun of it.  He got his first win in 1990 in a Hot Stock at Thunderbird Speedway in Crandell.

Winning is the thrill of racing for David.

Susan Mize is his car owner. John "Skippy " Hudson, Chad cox, Dalton Mise, and Coleton Treys help with the car.

His mot exciting racing moment was winning the championship at Grayson County Speedway  in 2006.

He is most proud of all the friends he has made over the years.

Dale Earnhardt Sr. and Billy Carroll are his racing heros.

David would tell you to make a small fortune in racing start out with a large one. is David's his favorite website.




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