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  Picture at RPM  Speedway

 Ronny Sigman


Ronny Sigman drives the #1s Modified Class car.  He lives in Dallas, TX.

Team members helping Ronny are:  Wesley Manry, who is the car owner.

Ronny started racing in 1972 in the Modified Class at Sportsdrome Speedway because he'd been at races all his life.  He was at RPM Speedway in '59 when it opened.  His first win was in '72 in the Modified Class at Cowtown Speedway.  Career highlights include 8-10 Track Championships.  He's had the best rides.  James Ray Zimmerman and Ronny drove for a guy. 

The thrill of racing for Ronny is racing is all he knows.  It is the love of his life.  He goes to sleep thinking about it and wakes up thinking about it.  His most exciting racing moment as soon as he starts, his heart starts pounding.  Soon as the Green Flag drops you just want to go forward.  He's most proud of racing this many years.  He just has had good rides.  He broke his arm once and that was the only time he was out.

Ronny's racing heroes are Bill Scegs, Jim Crocken, Ronny loved Doug Evans who was the best and Sonny Kirkland got killed at Cowtown Speedway in '72.

Of racing, Ronny says, "Expensive hobby!  Safer on race track than the highway!".




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