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Mason Brown

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  Photo at Timberline Speedway

Mason Brown


Mason Brown started racing go karts in 2005 at the Texas Twister track. He started because he enjoys the sport. He got his first win his rookie year at the Texas Twister track, 

He races Factory stock out of  home town of DeKalb City Texas. His home track is Timberline but you can also catch him  at 67 Speedway, Ark-La-Tex and Diamond Park.

Mason was the 2007 JR1 Go Kart Champion at Texas Twister at age 12.  He also has multiple wins at Timberline Speedway.

The Thrill of racing for Mason is bringing awareness to SIDS, and getting better racing.   His most exciting racing moment was " Getting hit by another driver and flipping twice.  Then I got inin somones elses car and WON the race." 


He is most proud of his Championship.

Chris Walker and Jeff Beggs help out on the car.

Dale JR. is Masons racing Hero.

About racing Mason would tell you. "More people need to get involved at a young age and learn the skills.


He spends his time on Facebook and various racing sites.







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