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Thomas Cohick


Thomas Cohick drives the #00 Late Model Class car.  His home track is Virginia Motor Speedway but he can also be found racing at Potomac Speedway.  He lives in Gloucester, VA.

Team members helping Thomas are:  T.K. Leigh, Brandon Leigh, Drew Leigh, Tim & Donna Galloway, Willie Galloway, Bobby Vandevender, Linwood Harris, Josh Harris, Brandon Cohick, Duane Borneman, George Coleman, Hollard Hart, Tommy Greise.  Duane Borneman is the car owner.

Thomas started racing in 1987 in the Pure Stock Class at Utica Rome Speedway because he'd always wanted to.  He moved to VA in '94, raced at Langley Speedway in '97 in Pure Stock and Grand Stock and in '02 at Virginia Motor Speedway in Sportsman and Late Model.  Career highlights include New York State Championship Race winner, Championship in '98 at Langley Speedway, won 11 races and 2 Sportsmanship Awards, 20 Feature wins at Virginia Motor Speedway, Championship in '02 at Virginia Motor Speedway.

The thrill of racing for Thomas is the win and the speed!  His most exciting racing moment was his first win and having his family there.  He's most proud of his family.  They have always been at the track with me every Saturday.  His wife and children, it's been a family sport from the beginning.  He couldn't have done it if they weren't there with him.  He remembers when the kids were really little and being there in their car seats in the stands.

Thomas's racing hero is the Good Lord.  He's kept Thomas safe and out of trouble from the start.  Thomas gives Him credit for everything that he has accomplished.

Of racing, Thomas says, 'That it's a fun sport.  It's exciting to race and watch.  But without the Good Lord and your family in your life, it would be nothing.  They are always first in my life and racing comes second!".

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