The Volusia Speedway Park Winter Nationals Late Models


Moyer Powers to Victory in World of Outlaws Stacker 2® Late Model
Series Opener

Barberville, FL — February 17, 2005 — By World of Outlaws Late Model PR

Billy Moyer is back.

A Dirty Dozen racer and a legend in the sport, Moyer has been one of
the fastest racers during the 34th Annual Winter Nationals at Volusia
Speedway Park, but he had yet to put his machine into Victory Lane. In
fact, Moyer even admits the past two seasons were not up to his high

But Thursday night in the season-opening race for the World of Outlaws
Stacker 2® Late Model Series, he delivered a warning shot to every
driver in the series by starting on the pole and driving a
near-flawless race to capture the checkered flag.

Don O’Neal, Scott James, Rick Eckert and Darrell Lanigan, who started
23rd in the 24-car main event, followed Moyer to the finish.

A racer from Batesville, Ark., and a five-time winner of the World 100,
Moyer charged to the lead and locked his car into the low groove on the
half-mile dirt oval. While the field behind him battled three- and
four-wide at times, Moyer smoothly built a 10-car lead in less than
three laps.

A caution for Clint Smith’s slowing car on Lap 4 bunched the field,
with Brian Birkhofer aiming to take advantage on the restart. But once
again Moyer, who changed engines earlier in the day, had too much
power. He quickly rebuilt a sizable lead and kept his car locked to the
bottom of the track while Eckert, Tim McCreadie and Scott Bloomquist
went to the high side hoping to slice into Moyer’s lead.

“We put a new motor in today,” said Moyer, who finished eighth in
points last year. “That was our plan, to wait until the Outlaw deal and
then put the motor in. It ran excellent.”

With 20 laps down in the 50-lap event, O’Neal had worked himself into
second and had his sights set on Moyer. Running almost identical lines
around the track, Moyer and O’Neal pulled away from the field until
James was able to edge closer and catch O’Neal. Their momentary battle
for second allowed Moyer to increase his lead with 15 laps to go.

But as the race wound down, traffic in front of Moyer became a problem.
Smith also was running in the low groove, so Moyer shot up the track
looking to lap him. Moyer’s momentum quickly faded and O’Neal closed
fast. Moyer dove back to the bottom, forcing O’Neal to make a last
ditch run at the leader by sliding up the track.

“It was a just a big tire game,” Moyer said. “We were in those lapped
cars and instead of following them I was just going try to blast around
the outside because when you’re in the car it looked like a cushion was
out there like it had been earlier in the week. It wasn’t there
tonight. I’m glad I didn’t really haul it in there because I would have
hit the fence.

“The track surface was different tonight than what it has been [during
Speed Weeks]. There was every tire combination available out there. I
think everybody tried different stuff. I was set up to run right around
that inside hub and it played into my hand.”

Knowing O’Neal couldn’t get around him on the outside, Moyer locked
onto Smith on the bottom and held on for the victory, the second
feature event win in his career with the Dirty Dozen.

“I’m glad to get this first one under our belts with the World of
Outlaws,” Moyer said. “We followed the deal last year and didn’t meet
our expectations. To get the first one right off the bat definitely
feels good.

“The difference tonight is that I started on the front instead of two
or three rows back. The motor got me there because of qualifying. The
motor in the heat race was strong as compared to the other one we had
in there. I was struggling in the heats and didn’t really know it.”

But despite the power under Moyer’s hood, Eckert said the race also
came down to rubber.

“Tonight was really a tire gamble,” said Eckert, who finished third in
points last year with the Dirty Dozen. “Nobody had any idea what tires
to put on. If you went through that field, you would have seen tires
from the softest to the hardest tires they make. You don’t normally see
that by feature time. Billy made a smart decision on tires. There were
times when I got going and I thought I was going to run him down, but a
caution would come out and slow my tires again.”

With close competition among the 61 cars that attempted to qualify for
the main event, Eckert realizes little adjustments could put him in
Victory Lane Saturday night in the next Outlaws event.

“As good of drivers that are here, the best car has won each night,”
said Eckert, citing 2004 Rookie of the Year Tim McCreadie’s two
victories earlier in the week. “It comes down to getting your car good.
You have to fine-tune your car because the racetrack will let you

After the World of Outlaws Stacker 2® Late Model Series wraps up its
Florida schedule Saturday night, the series kicks into high gear in
April beginning in Cumberland, Md.

Statistical Report, Volusia Speedway Park, February 17, 2005
A-Main Feature (starting position)
1. Billy Moyer (1)
2. Don O’Neal (6)
3. Scott James (10)
4. Rick Eckert (4)
5. Darrell Lanigan (23)
6. Darren Miller (13)
7. Dale McDowell (11)
8. Brian Birkhofer (3)
9. Tim McCreadie (17)
10. Donnie Moran (24)
11. Josh Richards (9)
12. Chub Frank (14)
13. Mike Balzano (21)
14. Clint Smith (22)
15. Scott Bloomquist (20)
16. Ricky Elliott (7)
17. Steve Francis (2)
18. Shane Clanton (5)
19. Dan Schlieper (12)
20. Steve Shaver (19)
21. Robbie Blair (15)
22. Chris Madden (18)
23. Matt Miller (8)
24. Greg Johnson (16)

Heat Race Winners
Brian Birkhofer
Steve Francis
Billy Moyer
Shane Clanton
Rick Eckert
Don O’Neal

B-Main Winners
Steve Shaver
Scott Bloomquist
Mike Balzano

Billy Moyer

Fast qualifier (among 61 cars)
Ricky Elliott, 16.592 seconds



The Volusia Speedway Park Winter Nationals Late Models


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