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Haulmark All Star Sprint Results – Volusia Speedway Park– Sat. 2/12/05
Scott Hall

BARBERVILLE, FL – Jason Solwold, a driver out of the state of
Washington who competes regularly at the Knoxville Raceway, shocked the crowd
Saturday night at Volusia Speedway Park, leading the Haulmark All Star sprint
car 30 lap A main feature wire to wire. Solwold’s first career All Star win in
the Lon Carnahan owned Citywide Insulation R19 Schnee Chassis was worth
$10,000. Solwold easily drove away from Fred Rahmer following a pair of restarts
enroute to an impressive win.

Mark Smith started from the pole with Solwold alongside and Danny
Smith and Rahmer made up row two. Chad Kemenah and Jeff Shepard started from
row three when the green flag fell. After Solwold grabbed the early lead
action was halted on lap two when Kevin Swindell, Jason Johnson, Jeremy
Campbell and Trevor Lewis tangled in turns three and four with Lewis vaulting
over the guardrail. No one was injured in the crash but all four were
eliminated from the race.

Solwold led Rahmer, D. Smith and M. Smith on the restart and by the
one-third mark of the race Solwold had a margin of four lapped cars
over second place Rahmer’s Harz Racing No. 88h. D. Smith, M. Smith and Lance
Dewease were next. As Solwold continued to stretch his lead working the
bottom of the track, he had to deal with lapped traffic which never
hindered his efforts. Rahmer was never able to close on the leader as he had to
pick his way through the lapped traffic. Sammy Swindell moved into the top
ten on lap 12 after starting 18th and Kemenah moved back into the top five at
this point around M. Smith. Laps ticked off at a fast and furious pace and
lap 20 saw fourth place Dewease drop out of action, handing that spot to
Another caution flew on lap 21 when 10th place runner Jac
Haudenschild got sideways in turn four and almost spun, causing the flagman to
display his yellow flag. The lineup was now Solwold, a pair of lapped cars,
then Rahmer, D. Smith, Kemenah, M. Smith, Shepard, S. Swindell, Greg Hodnett
and Dean Jacobs. Solwold got a great restart to jump back out to another
huge lead.

With seven laps to go, Jacobs got by Hodnett and S. Swindell for
seventh as the battle for third heated up between D. Smith and Kemenah. Kemenah
took the spot for good on lap 24 and the leaders ran that way for the rest
of the 15 mile contest as Solwold went virtually unchallenged in the machine
wrenched by Lenard McCarl.

At the finish it was Solwold, Rahmer, Kemenah, D. Smith and M. Smith
in the top five. Next were Shepard, 18th starter Sammy Swindell who earned
the Fisher Performance Hard Charger award, Dean Jacobs, Greg Hodnett and
Dale Blaney.

The Crown Battery heat fell to Hodnett
B&B Products heat went to Jason Johnson
Engler Machine and Tool heat was won by Jac Haudenschild
TP Wings heat fell to Dean Jacobs.
Bill Rose won the University of Northwestern Ohio B Main
Mark Smith captured the Haulmark Dash.

Crown Battery Heat (8 laps): 1. Greg Hodnett 2. Greg Wilson 3. Mike
Lutz 4. Mike Erdley 5. Justin Collett 6. Bob Bennett 7. Barry Ruble 8. Kevin

B&B Products Heat (8 laps): 1. Jason Johnson 2. Lance Dewease 3.
Trevor Lewis 4. Randy Hannagan 5. Cameron Dodson 6. Jack Pillon 7. Johnny
Johnson 8. Cody Branchcomb.
Engler Machine & Tool Heat (8 laps): 1. Jac Haudenschild 2. Dale
Blaney 3. Cody Geldart 4. Rob Chaney 5. Bill Rose 6. Paul May 7. Daryn Pittman
8. Natalie Sather.

TP Wings Heat (8 laps): 1. Dean Jacobs 2. Jeremy Campbell 3. Sammy
Swindell 4. Brock Mayes 5. Mike Brecht 6. Tony Bruce, Jr. 7. Phil
Gressman (DNS).

Haulmark Dash (4 laps): 1. Mark Smith 2. Chad Kemenah 3. Jason
Solwold 4. Danny Smith 5. Dean Jacobs.

University of Northwestern Ohio B Main (12 laps): 1. Rose 2. K.
Swindell 3. Collett 4. Dodson 5. Sather 6. Bruce 7. May 8. Bennett 9. Pittman
10. Ruble 11. Brecht 12. Johnny Johnson 13. Pillon.

A Main (30 laps): 1. Jason Solwold 2. Fred Rahmer 3. Chad Kemenah 4.
Danny Smith 5. Mark Smith 6. Jeff Shepard 7. Sammy Swindell 8. Dean
Jacobs 9. Greg Hodnett 10. Dale Blaney 11. Greg Wilson 12. Mike Erdley 13. Jac
Haudenschild 14. Brock Mayes 15. Mike Lutz 16. Bill Rose 17. Randy
Hannagan 18. Cody Geldart 19. Rob Chaney 20. Lance Dewease 21. Jason Johnson 22.
Kevin Swindell 23. Trevor Lewis 24. Jeremy Campbell.

Lap Leaders: Jason Solwold 1-30.
All Star Sprint Points:
1 Jason Solwold 103
2 Chad Kemenah 94
3 Mark Smith 91
4 Danny Smith 90
5 Dean Jacobs 81
6 Dale Blaney 76
6 Greg Wilson 74
8 Mike Erdley 72
9 Jac Haudenschild 70
10 Brock Mayes 69


The Volusia Speedway Park Winter Nationals Sprint Cars


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