East Bay Winter Nationals Late Models


Kentucky Driver Terry English had the field covered on the third night at East Bay. Driving the CJ Rayburn house car he put on a awesome display. At one time in the feature he had almost a half a lap lead on the field before a green tightened it up ( see the photo on action ) 

Terry was not going to East Bay when CJ Called and said he had a car and for him to come up to the shop and they would put it together. Put it together they did. It was not only a Rayburn Chassis but a Rayburn Motor also. Terry said in Victory lane "They kinda make fun of CJ's Motors but all they do is run!"  You could see the car was fast all week but bad draw the first night, and  race track the second night that was almost impossible for any one to pass on held them back.

Terry said in a interview with  Dustin Jarrett on the Nightly radio broadcast ( at 10 pm EST) That he was going to see where he was in points and might run a complete NARA schedule.

Featue finish unoffical.

1. English 2.Francis 3. Casey 4.O'Neal 5.Schlieper 6. Mars 7. Erb, Jr. 8.James 9.Eckert 10.Moyer 11.Smith 12, McCreadie 13. Moran 14. Miller 15.Cook 16. Aukland 17. Clanton 18. Conley 19.Miller 20. Dohm 21.Montgomery 22. Choquette 23. Birkhofer 24. Shaver 25. Johnson 26. Babb




 East Bay Winter Nationals Late Models


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