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Lauderbaugh and Morgan top DuQuoin Mini Magic Mile Micro Sprints:  



Out side the air was cold but inside the racing was hot. The pepsi mid american ford focus midgets put on a fantastic show on Sat feb 19th at the Mini Magic Mile located at the Duquoin State Fairgrounds in Duquoin Illinois. In the highly contested 40-lap USAC Ford focus Midget feature, the second place finisher, 16 year old number 93 Dustin Morgan of Tulsa Ok. would keep the heat turned to high for the winner number 5 Brad Loyet of St Louis Mo. There were several lead changes made with Loyet and Morgan making contact coming off the final corner and down the stretch to the checker. Morgan later said "I had to slide it in there it just would not stick".


The Micro Sprints had over 60 cars signed in to the pits all wanting to be a part of the 20 car A-main field.



Nate Lauderbaugh of Kokomo, Indiana, and Dustin Morgan of Tulsa, Oklahoma, became the third and fourth different drivers in four events to win an A-Main Feature event at the Pepsi MidAmerican 2005 Winter Micro Sprint Championship Series race on the DuQuoin “Mini” Magic Mile at the DuQuoin State Fairgrounds.  Kevin Bayer of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, demonstrated why he is one of the top drivers in the nation at both events as he raced from the B Main to a second finish place finish Friday evening and again on Saturday evening as he placed 5th in the A Main after having race into the A  Main event winning the C Main and B Main. 


Micro Sprint Results – February 18th

Heat 1:  29 Nate Lauderbaugh, 52 Stephanie Mockler, 114

Heat 2:  17 Kara King, 3 Jacob Jernagan, 91 Kevin Bayer

Heat 3: 168 Tim Koch, 51 Brad Loyet, 99 Kerry Kinser

Heat 4:  79 Ryan Criswell, 571 Tom Dickerman, 21 Robbie Starkey

Heat 5:  24 Daniel Robinson, 7 Kyle Royster, 35 Tyler  Robbins

Heat 6:  181 Tony Roney, 121 Cole Carter, 9 Will Sylvester

Heat 7:  1 Dereck King, 177 Chris Windom, 10 Ryan Scobee

D Main 1:  87 Hunter Schuerenberg, 14 Coleman Gulick, 111 Phillip Bundren,177 Chris Windom

D Main 2:  20 Gary Bouhl, 12 George Roth, 179 Chis Malaterre, 88 Steve Cobin

C Main 1:  83 Tyler Diebert, 118 Stanley Kreisel, 14 Coleman Gulick, 110 Herb Johnson

C Main 2:  13 Bradley, Greer, 20 Gary Bouhl, 65 Ray Vander Wielen, 116 Kevin Stephenson

B Main 1:  91 Kevin Bayer, 35 Tyler Robbins, 83 Gregg Dillion, 22 Dustin Barks

B Main 2:  99 Kerry Kinser, 123 Tom Owen, 22 Dustin Barks, 20 Gary Bouhl

A Main: 1. Nate Lauderbaugh, 2 Kevin Bayer, 3 Brad Loyet, 4, Tony Roney, 5 Kara King, 6 Dennis Corcoran, 7 Cole Carter, 8 Jacob Jernagan, 9 Kyle Royster, 10 Gregg Dillion, 11 Tim Koch, 12 Ryan Criswell, 13 Daniel Robinson, 14 Kerry Kinser, 15 Tom Dickerman, 16 Tom Owen, 17 Ryan Scobee, 18 Tyler Robbins, 19 Dereck King, 20 Stephanie Mockler


Micro Sprint Results – February 19th

Heat 1: 193  Dustin Morgan,  7 Kyle Royster,  17 Kara King, 13 Brad Greer,

Heat 2: 127 Robbie Larson, 84 Tyler Diebert, 118 Stanley Kreisel, 83 Gregg Dillion

Heat 3: Nate Lauderbaugh, 99 Kerry Kinser, 14 Coleman Gulick, 21 Robbie Starkey

Heat 4: 1 Dereck King, 9 Will Sylvester, 35 Tyler Robbins, 111 Phillip Bundren

Heat 5: 79 Ryan Criswell, 28 BJ Wilson, 177 Chris Windom, 2 Michael Bustamante

Heat 6:  Hunder Schuerenberg, 571 Tom Dickerman, Jamie Wilson, 57 Tom Kreisel

Heat 7:  181 Tony Roney, 221 Dennis Corcoran, 16 Jeff Granham, 179 Chris Malaterrre

Heat 8:  27 Cory Klug, 3 Jacob Jernagan, 34 Erin MeIntosh 15 Joe Leek,

D Main #1: 168 Tim Koch, 94 Darren Kingsdon, 5 Zach Daum, 81 Dan Kreisel

D Main #2: 20 Gary Bouhl, 93 Nick Eastin, 18 Bradlee Ryun, 351 Cale Hopper

C Main #1: 91 Kevin Bayer, 161 Todd Kirkman, 24 Daniel Robinson, 168 Tim Koch

C Main #2:  123 Tom Owen, 11 Allen Koch, 121 Cole Carter, 110 Herb Johnson

B Main #1:  91 Kevin Bayer, 35 Tyler Robbins, 14 Coleman Gulick, 118 Stanley Kreisel

A Main:  1. Dustin Morgan, 2. Dereck King, 3. Nate Lauderbaugh, 4. Kyle Royster, 5. Kevin Bayer, 6. Dennis Corcoran, 7. Tyler Robbins, 8. Phillip Bundren, 9. Tony Roney, 10. Tom Dickerman, 11. Ryan Criswell, 12. Neil Shepherd, 13. Jacob Jernagan, 14. Cory Klug, 15. Tyler Diebert, 16. Hunter Schuerenburg, 17. Robbie Larson, 18. B.J Wilson, 19. Will Sylvester, 20. Kerry Kinser.


USAC Ford Focus Results February 19th

Brad Loyet of St. Louis, Mo. won Saturday's 40-lap USAC Ford Focus Midget race at the Southern Illinois Center in DuQuoin, Ill. and emerged as the champion of the Pepsi "Mid America Ford Focus Midget Championships."


Loyet grabbed the lead from Jasiel Randolph on lap two and led the rest of the way but had to fight off a determined bid from runner-up Dustin Morgan of Collinsville, Okla.


Morgan actually led through turn two of lap 31, then regained the lead from Loyet coming through turn four on the final lap but Loyet shot underneath him to take the race at the wire!


Trailing Loyet and his Loyet Motorsports/Durst Motorsports Beast were Morgan, Randolph, Robbie Ray and Stephanie Mockler.


Josh Clemons, Dave Darland and Morgan won eight-lap heats but Darland was forced out of the feature after just one lap after a turn-two tangle.




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