Fastrak  Opening

Screven Motor Speedway Fastrak Series Southern Region Opener
Screven Motor Speedway Fastrak Series Southern Region Opener

April 9th, Screven Motor Speedway, Sylvania GA

What a night it was! With 32 of the South’s best Crate Late Model drivers in attendance it was to say the least an exciting night of racing. Drivers from SC, NC, FL and GA was there for the $3000.00 prize and things were under way.

Friday night practice got underway as the Track Owner James “Redd” Griffith worked diligently to get the track packed in as the Speedway had seen 5 inches of rain the night before. New clay and not having a race on it proved to be a lot of work for “Redd” but this guy never stops. 12 cars were on hand for Friday night practice.

Saturday lunch was a low country boil free for Press, Officials, Drivers, Crews and families. Now this was good eatin” as we say in the South. Everyone gathered at the Press Area as people anticipated the nights events.

Saturday night came and 32 cars were on hand for the season opener. Cars from NC,SC,FL and GA were there for the first ever “Topless” race. The drivers, crews, fans and Officials were all anticipating this event from the rain out the previous weekend. Everyone was looking to get over the “cabin fever” from the winter months and get things moving for the 2005 season.

Qualifying saw the first six cars locked into their prospective positions with the “Quick 6” format.

1st: 18s Justin Sims 17.66

2nd 41 Buck Simmons 17.69

3rd 14 David Eubanks 17.84

4th 1 Bobby Morris 17.89

5th Shan Smith 17.90

6th Glenn Yawn 17.91

7th Todd Higdon 17.97

8th David Browning 18.03

9th Scott Childress 18.04

10th Tyler Harvey 18.13

11th Ronnie Tullis 18.16

12th Roger Arowood 18.17

13th Doodle Pipkin 18.193

14th Gary Shurling 18.196

15th AJ Watson 18.20

16th Dan Brode 18.22

17th Crandall Turner 18.224

18th Billy Costello 18.23

19th Bill Peters 18.28

20th Jeremy Ledford 18.30

21st Stacey Roberts 18.34

22nd Anthony Craft 18.36

23rd Jody Palmer 18.52

24th Gary Phillips 18.72

25th Roger Lankford 18.78

26th Leiland Prewitt 18.788

27th Mathew Daniels 18.92

28th Matt Smith 18.96

29th Brandon Yawn 18.97

30th Andrew Blaske 19.36

Dusty Williams DNQ

Scott Shirey DNQ

The “Quik 6” format proved to be exciting for the fans and drivers. Several drivers came from the rear to the front in one lap including AJ Watson and Leiland Prewitt.

Hard Charger Award went to: Matt Smith

Tough Luck Award went to: Jeremy Ledford

Finishing Results:

1 Bobby Morris

28 David Browning

78 Scott Childress

17 Shan Smith

8 Roger Arowood

49 Todd Higdon

G4 Garrett Shurling

18S Justin Sims

18D Mathew Daniels

99 AJ Watson

9 Tyler Harvey

77 Matt Smith

00 Billy Costello

11B Brandon Yawn

11P Leiland Prewitt

25 Jody Palmer

11X Stacy Roberts

88 Bill Peters

15 Glenn Yawn

93 Crandall Turner

45 Ronnie Tullis

41 Buck Simmons

51 Doodle Pipkin

14 David Eubanks

April 16th next race event for the Series. East Alabama Motor Speedway, Phenix City AL.

Partners of the Fastrak Champions Series Include:

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company

GM Performance Parts

Maypole Chevrolet

Dirt Pro Mufflers

Duralite Wheels

Corteco Gaskets

Joe Gibbs Performance

Sunoco Fules

Bearden Oil Company

Mid West Hans Device

CTC Photos

Contingency Connection

Super 1 RV Center



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