BABB rolls to win #11 of 17 in UMP Summer Nationals!

By Terry Young
As Hurricane Dennis tortures the Southern seaboard, the Midwest has seen the likes of a tsunami as Shannon Babb has tormented the UMP Summer Nationals winning an amazing 11 of the first 17 events contested.

Babb pocketed win #11 of the series at Peoria Speedway tonight after leading the entire 40 laps and celebrated in victory lane as rain started to pelt the speedway.

Babb would jump to the lead on the start from his pole starting position as Dennis Erb, Jeep Van Wormer, Jimmy Mars, Michael England and Brian Shirley followed in persuit.

Erb and Mars battled behind Babb for the runner up position as Babb continued to build on his lead in a race that was slowed several times by caution. One which was shown for Van Wormer who spun, but went to the tail and waged a hard fought battle to record a top 10 finish.

Also turning up the wick and battling through the field was Billy Drake from his eleventh place starting position to finish third.

When the checkers flew over the track it was Babb followed by Mars, Drake, Erb and Shirley rounding out the top five finishers.

The evening began with Jeep van Wormer recording the fast time honors with a time of 12.576.

The trophy dash was won by Babb followed by Dennis Erb, Van Wormer, Brian Shirley, Jimmy Mars, Michael England, Rodney Melvin, Ray Guss, Jr and Ed Dixon.

The heat races were won by Melvin over Billy Drake, Wes Stiedinger, John Provenzano, Chris Carlson, Rick Haley, Reeder and Russ Adams, Guss, Jr. over Jason Feger, Jay Sparks, Tim Lance, Cody Bauman, Brent Nelson, Dawn Mennell and Kevin Weaver, Mike Mullvain over Dixon, Elliott Bruce, Brent Kreke, Craig Richards and Mark Anderson and Duke Whiseant over Mark Voigt, Steve Lance, Jr., Matt Hubbard, Ron Bartels, Jordan Bland and Greg Longfellow.

The consi races were captured by Lil' John Provenzano over Cody Bauman, Tim Lance and Haley and Brent Kreke over Anderson, Hubbard and Adams.

Kevin Weaver was added to the A-Main as the UMP provisional.

Babb was once again behind the wheel of his favorite car that bears the moniker of "Full Pull" and sports a Jay Dickens Engine with sponsorship from CAR CITY, G&C Enterprises, PRC, Watters Autoland, J&J Steel, KARL Chevrolet, Outlawd Motorsports, Platinum Motors & RV, ALLSTAR Performance, Sunoco Race Fuels, Triple B Outfitters, Outlawd Motorsports, Mike Mudd Tractor and Combine Repair, Wick Racing, Hoosier by Smash, Indy Screen Print, Petersen Systems, Weld Wheels, IMPACT Safety Equipment, Dyers Rods, Bert Transmission, Sweet Manufacturing and Petroff Towing to victory lane

A-Main 40 Lap Feature Finish:

1. Shannon Babb
2. Jimmy Mars
3. Billy Drake
4. Dennis Erb
5. Brian Shirley
6. Rodney Melvin
7. Jeep Van Wormer
8. Wes Steidinger
9. Duke Whiseant
10. Jason Feger
11. Michael England
12. Steve Lance, Jr.
13. Mike Mullvain

Updated Points after Completion of Peoria Speedway Event #17

1. Shannon Babb 985 11 Wins 17 Events -0- Provisionals
2. Dennis Erb 756 1 Win 17 Events 1 Provisional
3. Jimmy Mars 684 17 Events 1 Provisional
4. Rodney Melvin 622 1 Win 17 Events 1 Provisional
5. Jeep Van Wormer 501 1 Provisional
6. Brian Shirley 481 17 Events -0- Provisionals
7. Randy Korte 451 1 Win 13 Events 1 Provisional
8. Kevin Weaver 409 15 Events 1 Provisional
9. Billy Drake 403 12 Events -0- Provisionals
10. Darren Miller 398 13 Events -0- Provisionals
11. Terry English 374 12 Events 1 Provisional
12. Mark Voigt 333 17 Events 2 Provisionals
13. Don O'Neal 328 2 Wins 7 Events
14. Steve Hillard 274 8 Events -0- Provisionals
15. Jordan Bland 219 17 Events 3 Provisionals
16. Billy Faust 215 6 Events -0- Provisionals
17. Patrick Sheltra 212 13 Events 3 Provisionals
18. Brian Birkhofer 194 5 Events -0- Provisionals
19. Michael England 173 9 Events -0- Provisionals
20. Jason Feger 167 7 Events -0- Provisionals



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