BABB continues HOT STREAK with win at Clarksville!

By Terry Young
Shannon Babb of Mowequa, IL. once again visited victory lane, a piece of real estate he has become very familiar with during this years running of the UMP Summer Nationals. Babb who claimed his third Summer National win in a row and fourth in the first six nights wa sonce again the class of the field as the UMP group visited the Clarksville Speedway in Clarksville, Tennessee.

Babb would dedicate this win to sponsor Ed Petroff in honor of Ed celebrating his birthday, the number which was undisclosed!

Adding another $6,000.00 to his account, bringing his winnings to just over $33,000 in less than a week. Babb took his car from his second row starting point to the front and brought with him to the line Dennis Erb, Billy Drake, Rodney Melvin, Brian Shirley, Jimmy Mars, Wendell Wallace, Darren Miller, Mark Voigt and Jay Brinkley.

Billy Drake recorded the fast time among the 40 entries with a time of 12.951 to begin the evening. Drake was also credited with the dash win followed by Erb, Babb and English.

Heat races were won by Tony Morris over Wendell Wallace, Darren Miller and Jordan Bland, Brian Shirley over Kevin Weaver, Gary Frost, Mark Faust and Jeep Van Wormer over Jimmy Mars, Richard Frost and Rohn Moon.

Consi races were topped by England over Steven Ashby, Troy Gay and John Tindal and Jay Brinkley over Voigt, Wes Steidinger and Carnell Parker.

Babb was driving a C.J. Rayburn chassis powered by JAY DICKENS with sponsorship from CAR CITY, G&C Enterprises, PRC, Watters Autoland, J&J Steel, Platinum Motors & RV, ALLSTAR Performance, Sunoco Race Fuels, Triple B Outfitters, Wick Racing, Hoosier by Smash, Indy Screen Print, Petersen Systems, Weld Wheels, IMPACT Safety Equipment, Dyers Rods, Bert Transmission, Sweet Manufacturing and Petroff Towing.

1. Billy Drake
2. Dennis Erb
3. Shannon Babb
4. Terry English
5. Rodney Melvin
6. Tony Albright
7. Frank Heckenast
8. Brian Shirley
9. Jeep Van Wormer

Heat 1:
1. Tony Morris
2. Wendall Wallace
3. Darren Miller
4. Jordan Bland
5. John Tindal
6. Perry Delaney
7. Mike Chandler
8. Mark Voigt
9. Brian Singleton
10. Frank Heckenast
11. Patrick Sheltra

Heat 2:
1. Brian Shirley
2. Kevin Weaver
3. Gary Frost
4. Mark Faust
5. Carnell Parker
6. Michael England
7. Bart Richardson
8. Devitto
9. James Burrell
10. #23

Heat 3:
1. Jeep Van Wormer
2. Jimmy Mars
3. Richard Frost
4. Rohn Moon
5. Arville Pittman
6. Jay Brinkley
7. Troy Gay
8. Wes Stedinger
9. #2
10. William Keeney
11. Steven Ashby

Semi 1:
1. England
2. Ashby
3. Gay
4. Tindal
5. Singleton
6. #2
7. Pittman

Semi 2:
1. Brinkley
2. Voigt
3. Steidinger
4. Parker
5. Delaney
6. Richardson
7. Johnson
8. Heckenast
9. Keeney
10. Devitto

Feature Finish: 40 Lap A-Main
1. Babb
2. Erb
3. Drake
4. Melvin
5. Shirley
6. Mars
7. Wallace
8. Miller
9. Voigt
10. Brinkley
11. English
12. Albright
13. Weaver
14. Moon
15. Gary Frost
16. Bland
17. Richard Frost
18. Mark Faust
19. Van Wormer
20. England
21. Morris




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