BABB continues to steamroll with 5th win in Event #7 of UMP Summer Nationals!

By Terry Young
Shannon Babb, undeniably the hottest driver in the nation right now extended his domination and winning streak tonight at the Mt. Vernon Raceway claiming his 5th UMP Summer National win and his fourth consecutive 40 lap event!

The Mowequa Missile was lined up in the wrong spot for qualifying by track personell and took to the track as one of the last few to tour the track. The track had slowed considerably from the first qualifier at 13.593 to the mid 14 second range in the last few cars. Babb qualified at 13.817 to just miss the dash earning the 7th fast qualifying time. This would put him in the dash in the 7th starting position. Jeep Van Wormer, the first car oput earned the fast time honors.

Billy Faust topped the dash while giving fans a sign of what was to come, Babb moved to second in the dash on the high side to earn an outside front row feature starting berth. Following them were Rick Salter, Kevin Cole, Brian Shirley, Mark Faust, Jeep Van Wormer, Rodney Melvin and Kyle Monroe.

Heat races were won by Erb over Randy Korte, Van Wormer, Frankie Martin, Brent Kreke, Tony Boyles, Jordan Bland, Frank Heckenast, Jr. and Jeff Sloan, Jimmy Mars over Melvin, Billy Drake, Patrick Sheltra, Kevin Weaver, Rohn Moon, Darrell Bex and Darren Miller and Bobby Melvin over Tery English, Monroe, Chad Burkes, Bill Workman, Joe Cooksey and Ray Emling.

The consi was won by Miller over Weaver, with Bland added as a UMP Summer Nationals provisional.

After a delay when rainshowers pelted the track after the first heat, many fans took cover in their cars and left thinking there would be no races resumed. It was to their loss for leaving, as the track crew worked to repair the surface so races could be resumed. What their efforts provided was a blistering fast track that was multi-grooved.

Billy Faust would jump to the point from his pole starting position and lead the opening 15 laps of the 40 lap affair. With Babb on his tail, as the duo approached lapped traffic Babb would take over the top spot on Lap 16 after working both the low and high grooves. Once Babb took the lead he never looked back as he set pace and began lapping traffic. At the drop of the checkers Babb was followed to the stripe by Faust, Jimmy Mars, Dennis Erb, Randy Korte, Rodney Melvin, Brian Shirley, Kevin Cole, Frankie Martin and Jeep Van Wormer

Babb was again driving his favorite car that bears the moniker of "Full Pull" and sports a Jay Dickens Engine with sponsorship from CAR CITY, G&C Enterprises, PRC, Watters Autoland, J&J Steel, Platinum Motors & RV, ALLSTAR Performance, Sunoco Race Fuels, Triple B Outfitters, Outlawd Motorsports, Mike Mudd Tractor and Combine Repair, Wick Racing, Hoosier by Smash, Indy Screen Print, Petersen Systems, Weld Wheels, IMPACT Safety Equipment, Dyers Rods, Bert Transmission, Sweet Manufacturing and Petroff Towing.
UMP Late Model - 32 cars

Time trails - Fast time - Jeep Van Wormer - 13.593
2. Brain Shirley
3. Rodney Melvin
4. Billy Faust
5. Kevin Cole
6. Rick Salter

1. Billy Faust(26)
2. Shannon Babb(18)
3. Rick Salter(1s)
4. Kevin Cole(81c)
5. Brian Shirley(3s)
6. Mark Faust(51)
7. Jeep Van Wormer(55)
8. Rodney Melvin(27)
9. Kyle Monroe(78)

Top Four to feature.
Heat 1:
1. Dennis Erb(28)
2. Randy Korte(7)
3. Van Wormer
4. Frankie Martin(25)
5. Brent Kreke(13)
6. Tony Boyles(84)
7. George Bland(12)
8. Frank Heckenast(99)
9. Jeff Sloan(4)

Heat 2:
1. Jimmy Mars(28)
2. Rodney Melvin(27)
3. Billy Drake(9)
4. Patrick Sheltra(23)
5. Kevin Weaver(b12)
6. Rohn Moon(56)
7. Darrell Bex(24b)
8. Darren Miller(32d)(DNF)

Heat 3:
1. Bobby Melvin(27x)
2. Terry English(96)
3. Klye Monroe(78)
4. Chad Burks(7)
5. Bill Workman(91)
6. Jow Cooksey(51)
7. Ray Emling(6)

1. Miller
2. Weaver
3. Moon
4. Bland
5. Workman
6. Emling
7. Boyles(DNF)
8. Cooksey(DNF)
9. Kreke(DNF)
10. Bex(DNF)
11. Sloan(DNF)
DNS. Wendell Wallace
DNS. Mark Voigt
DNS. Frank Heckenast

Feature Finish: 40 Lap A-Main
1. Babb
2. Billy Faust
3. Mars
4. Erb
5. Korte
6. R. Melvin
7. Shirley
8. Cole
9. Martin
10. Van Wormer
11. Salter
12. Miller
13. Bland
14. Burkes
15. Sheltra
16. M. Faust
17. Drake
18. English
19. Monroe
20. Weaver
21. B. Melvin



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