The Moweaqua Missile Blasts Into the Record Books with '05 Summer National Performance
Jeffrey A. Bayless
     The 2005 version of DIRT Motorsport's UMP Summer Nationals have come and gone, and now that the dust has settled and looking back at the whirlwind tour that competed 27 times (2 rainouts) in 30 days trekking across 8 states (IN, IL, KY, TN, MO, IA, MI, and OH) one can see that it was a special year.  First off the tour, scheduled for 29 races, was the longest in the 18 year history of the circuit. There was controversy with the H&R 100 at Macon Speedway when most of the series regulars loaded up and left after a heavy late afternoon shower soaked the track even though the track officials were working diligently to bring the track back into shape (which they did but very late).  There was much debate as to whether the Summer National format was in need of being overhauled.  The reason for this debate, and the thing most will remember about the 2005 Summer Nationals, was the performance of Shannon Babb, who had a season of season's in this years Summer Nationals setting an all time mark with 15 wins, shattering the 6 year old standard set by Billy Moyer in 1999 when he amassed 12 victories that season.

     Shannon Babb of Moweaqua IL, known by his fans as the "Moweaqua Missile" or by those who have been around since his formative years in a dirt modified as the "Decatur Invader" lived up to both monikers as he invaded 27 different speedplants blasting away his opposition in route to winning his first Summer National crown.  Babb has been a regular on the circuit for several years and has been a strong force but has always encountered several problems on the circuit derailing him from a championship run.  That was until this year as he only failed to finish twice in the 26 events he participated in and out of the 24 events he finished he finished 6th or better including a record 15 visits to victory lane.  With his dominating performance he pocketed over $100,000 more than any other competitor on the 2005 circuit padding his account to a tune of $164,500 with race and series point fund awards.  Babb piloted two different Rayburn chassis during the series one with a Jay Dickens Racing Engines power plant and the other with a RaceTek Engines motor under the hood.  Babb's sponsors include CAR CITY, G&C Enterprises, PRC, Watters Autoland, J&J Steel, KARL Chevrolet, Outlawd Motorsports, Platinum Motors & RV, Triple B Outfitters, Mike Mudd Tractor and Combine Repair, Indy Screen Print, Chubby's Meals on Wheels, Petroff Towing and REVIVE.


     Finishing in the second spot in the series was Menomonie, WI native "The Iceman" Jimmy Mars.  Mars had an outstanding season in his own right making the entire tour for the first time and racing on many tracks he was not very familiar with including some he had never set foot on.  Mars tabulated 22 top 10 finishes in the 26 races he participated in including 2 wins and 10 other top 5 finishes to a tune of $64,100 in race and series winnings.  Mars drives Mastersbilt chassis with Pro Power engines and is sponsored by Deppe Enterprises, T. I. Sinz Plumbing Inc., Heeg Well Drilling, Keyes Chevytown, and Jimmy's Pub.


     The third spot went to series veteran Dennis Erb Jr. of Carpentersville, IL.  Erb set in the second spot for most of the series but several DNFs over the last leg of the series allowed Mars to catapult by him.  Erb picked up 21 top 10 finishes including 1 win and 16 other top 5 finishes.  Erb earned $55,200 in race and series winnings in his Malcuit Racing Engines powered CJ Rayburn race cars sponsored by Petroff Towing, B&K Sportswear and Vinyl Graphics, AFCO Racing Products, Petersen Aluminum Corporation, and Raeber Transport.


     Fourth finishing Brian Shirley of Chatham, IL continued to make a name for himself as he completed his first entire Summer National run.  Shirley's tour got off to a shaky start but with the series ending victory in Oakshade,Shirley capped off a very solid second half of the series racking up 18 top 10 finishes including 1 win and 8 other top 5 efforts earning $43,300 in race and series earnings.  Shirley drives CJ Rayburn race cars powered by Pro Power Racing Engines and sponsored by Petroff Towing, Michelle Petroff Promotions, B Auto Parts, Jayco Construction, Capitol Storage, Capitol Machine Shop, and 


     Defending UMP National Champion "The Intimidator" Rodney Melvin of Benton, IL rounded out the top 5 in series standings.  Melvin had several very strong runs during the series but also encountered several problems with his cars forcing to retire early several times or to not even make the show.  The end result was 17 top 10 finishes with 1 win and 7 other top 5 finishes.  Melvin earned $34,300 in race and series earnings with his Runion Engine powered CJ Rayburn race cars with sponsorship from Ricks Towing, Cingular Wireless, Melvin Collision and Auto Sales, Exit 83 CB Shop, Hess Portable Toilets, Rend Lake Automotive, Soapy Joe's Car Wash, and


     Rounding out the top 10 in the standings were Jeep VanWormer, Darren Miller, Randy Korte, Billy Drake, and Don O'Neal.



June 24 Crown Point Speedway, Crown Point, IN 49 cars Shannon Babb winner

June 25 Kamp Motor Speedway Boswell, IN 44 cars Dennis Erb Jr. winner

June 26 Tri-State Speedway Haubstadt, IN 37 cars Rodney Melvin winner

June 27 Godfrey Speedway Godfrey, IL 31 cars Shannon Babb winner

June 28 Paducah International Raceway Paducah, KY 36 cars Shannon Babb winner

June 29 Clarksville Speedway, Clarksville, TN 40 cars Shannon Babb winner

June 30 Mt Vernon Raceway Mt Vernon, IL 32 cars Shannon Babb winner

July 1 Farmer City Raceway Farmer City, IL 51 cars Don O'Neal winner

July 2 I-55 Speedway Pevely, MO 37 cars Randy Korte winner

July 3 Vermillion County Speedway Danville, IL 35 cars Shannon Babb winner

July 4 Fayette County Speedway Brownstown, IL rainout

July 5 Highland Speedway Highland, IL 36 cars Shannon Babb winner

July 6 Twin Cities Raceway Park Mt. North Vernon, IN 33 cars Shannon Babb winner

July 7 Lawrenceburg Speedway Lawrenceburg, IN 39 cars Shannon Babb winner

July 8 Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway Calvert City, KY 36 cars Jimmy Owens winner

July 9 Kokomo Speedway Kokomo, IN 25 cars Shannon Babb winner

July 10 Hartford Speedway Park Hartford MI, 38 cars Don O'Neal winner

July 11 Peoria Speedway Peoria, IL 36 cars Shannon Babb winner

July 12 LaSalle Speedway LaSalle, IL rainout

July 13 Spoon River Speedway Banner, IL 45 cars Shannon Babb winner

July 14 Macon Speedway Macon, IL 39 cars Joe Ross Jr. winner

July 15 Lincoln Speedway, Lincoln, IL 31 cars Shannon Babb winner

July 16 Fairbury American Legion Speedway Fairbury, IL 46 cars Jimmy Mars winner

July 17 Tri City Speedway Pontoon Beach, IL 30 cars Shannon Babb winner

July 18 Freeport Speedway Freeport, IL 27 cars Brian Birkhofer winner

July 19 Farley Speedway Farley, IA 21 cars Steve Francis winner

July 20 34 Raceway W. Burlington, IA 28 cars Jimmy Mars winner

July 21 off no racing

July 22 I-96 Speedway Lake Odessa, MI 37 cars Shannon Babb winner

July 23 Oakshade Raceway Wauseon, OH 57 cars Brian Shirley winner


2005 POINTS 

1.  18 Shannon Babb, Moweaqua, IL $30,000

2.  28 Jimmy Mars, Menomonie, WI $12,000

3. 28 Dennis Erb Jr., Carpentersville, IL $7000 

4.  3S Brian Shirley, Chatham, IL $5000

5.  27 Rodney Melvin, Benton, IL $3000

6.  55 Jeep VanWormer, Pinconning, MI $2000

7.  32D Darren Miller, Chadwick, IL $1000

8.  00 Randy Korte, Highland, IL $500

9.  9 Billy Drake, Bloomington, IL $300

10.  71 Don O'Neal, Martinsville, IN $200




1. 18 Shannon Babb 8

2. 55 Jeep VanWormer 4

3. 9 Billy Drake 3

4t. 27 Rodney Melvin 2

4t. Don O'Neal 2

6t. 28 Dennis Erb Jr. 1

6t. 00 Randy Korte 1

6t. 15 Steve Francis 1

6t. 32D Darren Miller 1

6t. 20 Jimmy Owens 1

6t. 3S Brian Shirley 1

6t. 2 Brady Smith 1

6t. 5S Steve Sheppard Jr. 1



1. 18 Shannon Babb 12

2. 9 Billy Drake 2

3t. 64 Ryan Dauber 1

3t. 28 Dennis Erb Jr. 1

3t. 96 Terry English 1

3t. 15B Brian Birkhofer 1

3t. 00 Randy Korte 1

3t. 26 Billy Faust 1

3t. 15 Steve Francis 1

3t. 28 Jimmy Mars 1

3t. 27 Rodney Melvin 1

3t. 71 Don O'Neal 1

3t. 3S Brian Shirley 1

3t. 55 Jeep VanWormer 1

3t. 3L Matt Taylor 1




1. 3S Brian Shirley 8

2t. 00 Randy Korte 5

2t. 28 Jimmy Mars 5

2t. B12 Kevin Weaver 5

2t. 55 Jeep VanWormer 5

6t. 27 Rodney Melvin 4

6t. 32D Darren Miller 4

8t. 28 Dennis Erb Jr. 3

8t. 96 Terry English 3

8t. 15B Brian Birkhofer 3

8t. 4 Mike Mullvain 3

12t. 64 Ryan Dauber 2

12t. 75 John Gill 2

12t. 26 Billy Faust 2

12t. 71 Don O'Neal 2

12t. 5M Mike Marlar 2

12t. 78 Chad Zobrist 2

17t. 18 Shannon Babb 1

17t. 9 Billy Drake 1

17t. 11Z Brain Collins 1

17t. 5 Michael England 1

17t. 81C Kevin Cole 1

17t. 26 Steve Boley 1

17t. 3 Rick DeLong 1

17t. 25 Jason Feger 1

17t. 75 Ray Guss Jr. 1

17t. 45 Don Hammer 1

17t. 21 Billy Moyer 1

17t. Tony Morris 1

17t. Bobby Melvin 1

17t. 7 Matt Miller 1

17t. 1 Casey Noonan 1

17t. B1 Jeff Larson 1

17t. 0P Kris Patterson 1

17t. 1S Wes Steidinger 1

17t. 25W Dan Walden 1

17t. 23 Patrick Sheltra 1

17t. 88 Wendell Wallace 1

17t. 15 Joe Ross Jr. 1

17t. 9 Eric Smith 1

17t. 1A Duke Whiseant 1

17t. 91 Rusty Schlenk 1

17t. 5S Steve Sheppard Jr. 1

17t. 9Z Lyle Zankers 1

17t. #75 from Oakshade (no name given)



1. 18 Shannon Babb 15

2t. 28 Jimmy Mars 2

2t. 71 Don O'Neal 2

4t. 28 Dennis Erb Jr. 1

4t. 15B Brian Birkhofer 1

4t. 15 Steve Francis 1

4t. 00 Randy Korte 1

4t. 27 Rodney Melvin 1

4t. 20 Jimmy Owens 1

4t. 3S Brian Shirley 1

4t. 15 Joe Ross Jr. 1




1. 28 Dennis Erb Jr. 16

2. 28 Jimmy Mars 10

3t. 18 Shannon Babb 8

3t. 3S Brian Shirley 8

5. 27 Rodney Melvin 7

6. 9 Billy Drake 6

7t. 96 Terry English 5

7t. 15B Brian Birkhofer 5

7t. 00 Randy Korte 5

10t. 32D Darren Miller 4

10t. 71 Don O'Neal 4

12. 55 Jeep VanWormer 3

13t. 0 Richie Hedrick 2

13t. 34 Steve Hillard 2

13t. 15 Steve Francis 2

13t. 21 Billy Moyer 2

13t. B12 Kevin Weaver 2

18t. 64 Ryan Dauber 1

18t. 22 Chris Dick 1

18t. 25 Jason Feger 1

18t. 26 Billy Faust 1

18t. 9 Mike Jewell 1

18t. 45 Don Hammer 1

18t. 23 Ted Loomis 1

18t. 7 Matt Miller 1

18t. 1 Kyle Logue 1

18t. 5M Mike Marlar 1

18t. 1S Wes Steidinger 1

18t. 78 Chad Zobrist 1

18t. 3 Randy Sellars 1

18t. 2 Brady Smith 1

18t. 5S Steve Sheppard Jr. 1

18t. 1 Aaron Scott 1



1t. 28 Jimmy Mars 10

1t. 55 Jeep VanWormer 10

3t. 3S Brian Shirley 9

3t. 27 Rodney Melvin 9

5. 34 Steve Hillard 7

6t. 32D Darren Miller 5

6t. B12 Kevin Weaver 5

8t. 28 Dennis Erb Jr. 4

8t. 9 Billy Drake 4

8t. 00 Randy Korte 4

11t. 26 Billy Faust 3

11t. 71 Don O'Neal 3

11t. 1S Wes Steidinger 3

11t. 30 Mark Voight 3

11t. 23 Patrick Sheltra 3

11t. 2 Brady Smith 3

17t. 96 Terry English 2

17t. 10 Jay Brinkely 2

17t. 5 Michael England 2

17t. 81C Kevin Cole 2

17t. 15B Brian Birkhofer 2

17t. 25 Jason Feger 2

17t. 25 Frankie Martin 2

17t. 1 Casery Noonan 2

17t. 0P Kris Patterson 2

17t. 88 Wendell Wallace 2

27t. 18 Shannon Babb 1

27t. 11Z Brain Collins 1

27t. 16A Ed Dixon 1

27t. 37B Ron Barker 1

27t. 3 Rick DeLong 1

27t. 75 John Gill 1

.27t. 51 Mark Faust 1

27t. 99 Frank Heckenast Jr. 1

27t. Z Joe Harlan 1

27t. 0 Richie Hedrick 1

27t. 19 Greg Johnson 1

27t. 21 Craig Jacobs 1

27t. 21 Billy Moyer 1

27t. 48 Tim Lance 1

27t. 12 Randy Myers 1

27t. 10P Pete Parker 1

27t. 21 Bobby Moyer 1

27t. 5S Brett Seivert 1

27t. 77V Guy Volk 1

27t. 49 Brian Ruhlman 1

27t. 1W Donnie Walden 1

27t. 24 Dick Taylor 1

27t. 1CJ Christian Rayburn 1

27t. 9Z Jayme Zidar 1

27t. 1 Jeff Roodvoets 1



2005-Shannon Babb

2004- Don O'Neal

2003- Billy Moyer

2002- Scott Bloomquist

2001- Billy Moyer

2000- Kevin Weaver

1999- Billy Moyer

1998- Rick Aukland

1997- Rick Aukland

1996- Billy Moyer

1995- Bob Pierce

1994- Billy Moyer

1993- Billy Moyer

1992- unknown

1991- Scott Bloomquist

1990- Scott Bloomquist

1989- Rick Standridge

1988- Pete Parker


ALL TIME WIN LIST 1988 TO PRESENT (1989, 1992 Results Incomplete)

1. Billy Moyer, Batesville, Arkansas (60)

2. Shannon Babb, Moweaqua, Illinois (35)
3. Don O'Neal, Martinsville, Indiana (31)
4. Scott Bloomquist, Mooresburg, Tennessee (27)

5. Rick Aukland, Fargo, North Dakota (23)
6t. Kevin Weaver, Gibson City, Illinois (13)
6t. Bob Pierce, Danville, Illinois (13)
8. Billy Drake, Bloomington, Illinois (9)
9. Bill Frye, Greenbrier, Arkansas (8)
10t. Jim Curry, Norman, Indiana (6)
10t. John Gill, Mitchell, Indiana (6)
12. Ed Dixon, Washington, Missouri. (5)
13t. Roger Long, Fithian, Illinois (4)
13t. Terry English, Benton, Kentucky (4)

13t. Randy Korte, Highland, Illinois (4)

13t. Jimmy Mars, Menomonie, Wisconsin (4)
17t. Tony Izzo Jr., Bridgeview, Illinois (3)
17t. Tom Rients, Streator, Illinois (3)
17t. Kevin Claycomb, Vincennes, Indiana (3)
17t. Donnie Barnhart, N. Little Rock, Arkansas (3)
17t. Jim Leka, Buffalo, Illinois (3)

17t. Brian Birkhofer, Muscatine, Iowa (3)
24t. Dick Taylor, Springfield, Illinois (2)
24t. Bob Hill, Story City, Iowa (2)
24t. Steve Barnett, Franklin, Indiana (2)
24t. Randy Sellars, Mayfield, Kentucky (2)
24t. Wendell Wallace, Batesville, Arkansas (2)
24t. Rodney Melvin, Benton, Illinois (2)

24t. Joe Ross Jr. Springfield, Illinois (2)

24t. Brian Shirley, Chatham, Illinois (2)

Drivers with one victory: Tom Hekfrich, Steve Kosiski, Paul Shafer, Jack Boggs, Rick Egersdorf, Doug McCammon, Joey Izzo, Willy Kraft, Pete Parker, Ray Cook, Donnie Moran, Tony Stewart, Darrell Lanigan, Ed Bauman, Bart Hartman, Jay Johnson, Matt Taylor, Dan Schlieper, Jeep VanWormer, Matt Miller, Billy Faust, Earl Pearson Jr., Dennis Erb Jr., Jimmy Owens, Steve Francis



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