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Bobby H. fields questions from a turn away Press conference at the PRI. covered the first press conference that WoO held in Florida last year. We covered the WoO press conference at the Performance Racing Industry trade show in Indianapolis. There seems to be just as many questions at this time, this year, about Late model racing as there was last year.

The points for Extreme was not paid on time. But the drivers were told that they would receive their money by the 15th of Jan.  To race at this level it is not a hobby so many drivers had Crew people that were counting on this money as part of their bonus for Xmas. That said,  what was said at the first press conference with WoO has came to pass. Some people were late getting their $$ but most of us who race have had problems with this on a local basis.

If you believe like I do that  Dirt Racing (All dirt racing) is the greatest show, then we are thinking like the people at WoO. These guys have spent a LOT of $$ . A lot more $$ that I would care to invest.   And they are investing it in OUR sport. They see the development of TV as the way to raise the level  of  Dirt Racing to a National Level.

I am not worried about the sport because it is controlled by the fans. If the fans go then it works. If the fans don't go it don't work.  So if these guys mess up we  will still go racing. 

Its the tracks that worry me. If the tracks do not make money then we wont have a place to race. We lost three tracks in the  Carolinas this year.  Many said that they closed Fayetteville because of the hassle. ALL race tracks are hassle. You don't close a race track because of hassles you sell it. You close because there is no money. If you don't make money you have nothing to sell. If you are making money then you sell the money maker and let someone else worry about the hassle.

The fees for some of these shows are beyond me. When Lowes' Motor Speedway balks at bookings, its is because there is no money to be made. But with NASCAR getting The TV price they are getting , I can see how if our  product develops that you might not have to make all of your money from the tracks.

With Twenty Hours on TV you should be able go get some Great Sponsors. Racers are interested in winning and Sponsors are interested in exposure.  If you are a racer and go to NASCAR you are MADE.  Perhaps we will have some Dirt people that get Made.

We never have had BIG money in the sport before.  Lets give these guys a chance.

Worst case they loose all their money.  You will not lose any if you don't invest in their stock. But if you think they might pull this off you could have a part of it. You  can buy some stock.  Someone thinks they will pull it off, for they floated $12.000,000  last year.

These guys can't hurt us. They could help make many people, who work really hard and love the sport some $$$.  So Lets give them a chance, they might just  do what they say and "take it to the Next Level."

You don't have to be worried because In the end Racers will race.


Stacker has done so much for Racing and they do not limit it to the "Big guys at NASCAR" They bring it down to our sport. covered a Safety Program in the Hartsville SC high school that had 800 kids. They gave a $1000 scholarship.



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