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Heading: Winter nationals start strong at East Bay
By: Buck Buckholz

Every year East Bay Raceway Park hosts Winter National events for over 30
days straight, including the TUSA Modified Lite Winter Nationals. The Scale
car series has been competing on the 3/8 mile track for the past five years,
bringing racers from as far away as Canada to the south Florida sun.
The 2007 Winter Nationals got underway on Thursday night with the Classic
Modified division and the TUSA Mod Lites. This years event also brought the
Jr. Division of the Mod Lites along for their final event to determine the
2006 National Champion and start their 2007 season.
Classic Modifieds started the nights festivities with the heat race being
won by Afton, Iowa's Shane Hunter taking the field by storm. The feature saw
ten cars take the green flag with Hunter on the pole and South Carolina's
Kris Norwood on the outside. The two battled for several laps until Hunter
took the lead and started pulling away from the field. Hunter stayed out
front from the drop of the green with racing heavy behind. Canada's Wally
Billing had a great starting spot but had some trouble early, he eventually 
battled back bringing James Hamm from Alabama along with him.  Billing and
Hamm put on a great show for the fans as each driver tried to race in front
for the second spot. At the end it was young Hamm that took the second spot
away from the more experienced Billing. Joel Huggins came from the back and
took the fourth spot with Randall Klepper out of Chessnee, South Carolina
rounding out the top five.
The Junior Mod Lite division out of Delaware traveled with the Mod Lites for
the first year with the youngsters fighting for the first national
championship. Nine cars lined up for the heat race with 13-year-old Jimmy
Wills from Felton, Delaware taking the win. The feature saw Wills on the
pole with Harrignton Delaware's C.J. Faison on the ouside. The green flag
dropped with Wills taking the field into the first turn out front. Wills and
Faison battled down the back straight side by side until turn three when
Dylan Evans came around on the outside taking the lead at the start finish
line. Evans led the first six laps and looked like he might have the raci in
hand until he got sideways in turn two, spinning in front of Tyler Reed.
Reed had nowhere to go, slamming into the side of Evans. That gave the lead
to Faison who drove a great race to the end, taking the win and stretching
out his lead for the championship. Wills tried to stay with the flying
Faison, but fell just sort finishing in the second spot. Evans fought back
with a damaged car to take the third spot. Amanda Whaley from Millsboro,
Delaware had her first race ever in the cars and finished a respectable
fourth just in front of Kyle Fuller also from Delaware.
The Modiifed Lites had four heat races with Delaware's Brandon Dennis taking
the first heat win, Mikey Hay out of Sommeset, Pennsylvania took the second
heat win. Tim White out of Maryland won the third heat by a large margin and
Tracy Fritter raced to the win for the fourth heat.
The B-main saw sixteen cars take the green. Ohio's Paul Miller took the
field into the first turn and never looked back taking the win. Paul Klager
out of Canada started tenth in the race, but found a groove on the high
side, moving around cars and eventually taking the second spot. Eric Bacon
from Brimfield, Mass held on for the third spot and Ken Meadows came from
his sixth starting spot to take the final transfer spot.
The feature lined up with Brandon Dennis on the pole and Fritter sitting
along side. Fritter had a great start and headed the field into turn one.
Fritter was on a mission, moving away as Mikey Hay and Tim White worked with
each other dicing back and forth for second. The field race frantically with
the field dicing for position all the way tto the back until lap four when
Farmington, Missouri's Mike Zarricor spun in turn three. The field bunched
up with Fritter taking the lead again until the second yellow of the night
occured when Larry Drake brushed the wall and had to pull to the outside. It
took three tries to get the field back underway, but when they did, the
racing got intense.Tracy Fritter, Delaware's Erik McKinney, Tim White and
Hay all raced back and forth for the top spot. After 15 laps Fritter still
had the lead, but McKinney was using the low groove to make his way to the
top spot. McKinney pulled ahead for lap 18, but Fritter came back to take
the lead again on lap nineteen. Just behind them, Mikey Hay waited as the
two in front swapped spots back and forth. When the white flag dropped,
McKinney had the lead, with Fritter along side and Tim White trying the
outside. The three went into turn one side by side when White decided to
take his shot on the outside. He had the hole until Fritter drifted up just
a little taking White into the wall, ending the night for the Maryland
driver. After the line-up was determined for the green/white/checkered, Hay
was on the point whith Fritter just behind and McKinney looking to spoil the
two leaders night. The field came around for the final lap with Fritter on
the outside and Hay hugging the inside groove. The two stayed side by side
down the back straight heading out of turn four with only inches separating
the two cars. Hay and Fritter touched as they came out of the corner, with
Hay taking the win from Fritter by mere inches at the line. McKinney held on
for third just ahead of 2006 TUSA National Champion Steve White battling for
the fourth position. Pennsylvania's Brian Woodhall flew around on the
outside on the last lap and rounded out the top five after being in ninth
spot at the white flag.
The series continues Friday night at East Bay Raceway Park.

Mod Lites

1.  Mikey Hay #118
2.  Tracy Fritter #76F
3.  Erik McKinney #11
4.  Steve White #76
5.  Brian Woodhall #8B
6.  Rusty Dadds #38
7.  Hal Orndorff #27x
8.  Brandon Dennis #10
9.  Aaron Bada #10H
10. Kevin McKinney #v75
11. Eric Bacon #26
12. Paul Klager #1r
13. Paul Miller #64
14. Richie Wilson #15r
15. Ken Meadows #10T
16. Ryan Charland #10C
17. Doug Carrigan #8X
18. Lynn Knepper 10K
19. Todd Canter 9T
20. Richard Lawson #70X7
21. Tim White #93
22. Mike Zarricor #33x
23. Dennis Lamphier #6G
24. Larry Drake #97D

Classic Modified

1.  Shane Hunter #7
2.  James Hamm #125
3.  Wally Billings #37T
4.  Joel Huggins #X50
5.  Randall Klepper #K8
6.  Mike Thomas #37
7.  Kris Norwood #12
8.  Kevin Baker #19
9.  Danny Morgan #9
10. Phillip Clevenger #3D

Jr. Mod Lites

1.  CJ Faison #0J
2.  Jimmy Wills  #22W
3.  Dylan Evans #80
4.  Amanda Whaley #4
5.  Kyle Fuller #68
6.  Alan Knepper #1
7.  Ashley Wilson #14
8.  Kyle Cole #946
9.  Tyler Reed #72









East Bay Winter Nationals Crates and Mod Lites


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