East Bay Winter Nationals Crates & Mod Lites

Friday night saw the TUSA Mod Lites, Calssic Mods and the Junior Mod Lites
take to the track for the second night of racing in the Winter Nationals.
The three divisions had great racing as the warm weather made the track hard
and fast for the scale cars.
The Classic Modifieds came out first with Phillip Clevenger getting into his
normal groove up front, taking the heat win by a large margin. The feature
event saw Clevinger on the pole with Canadian Wally Billing on the outside.
At the start, Clevinger took off into turn one with the lead, but the
caution came out immediately as young Johnny Moordock out of Iowa spun to
avoid another car. On the restart, Clevenger took off, gaining a huge lead
for the first two laps. First night winner, Shane Hunter pulled along side
out of turn four and took the lead on lap four only to lose it again on the
next lap as Clevenger got great bite out of turn two to retake the lead. It
was a short lived lead again as Hunter came back on the inside out of turn
two taking the lead for good on the seventh lap. With only one more caution
in the 20-lap feature, Hunter pulled away taking his second win of the
Winter Nationals. The race was for second as Clevenger, who fell out of the
race with mechanical problems on lap 12, gave young Kris Norwood the spot
and he and Billing fought it out. Norwood eventually finished in the second
position, but was disqualified at the tech building for the car being too
wide. That moved NBilling up into the second spot. Joel Huggins took fourth,
but also had problems in tech, moving James Ham into third, Randall Klepper
brought his K8 car home in fourth with Mike Thomas rounding out the top
The Junior Mod Lites had Delaware's Tyler Reed on the pole for his heat.
Reed took off and never looked back taking the heat win and insuring him the
pole in the feature. The feature was the final race to determine the first
TUSA Junior National Champion with Reed lining up alongside points leader
C.J. Faison. A clean start out of turn four saw the youngsters move onto the
back straight with Reed trying to stay in front of hard charging Jimmy
Wills. Wills moved his car to the inside going into turn three, taking the
lead as the cars stormedout of turn four. Faison tucked into the third spot.
Wills held onto the top spot until lap 5 when Reed made the pass ans started
to move away from the cars racing behind him. The twelve lap feature raced
on without a caution and Reed was able to take the win by a large margin.
C.J. Faison had his car well ahead of third, taking the 2006 championship
with a second place run. Fourteen-year-old Amanda Whaley continued her great
Winter National run with a third place finish after getting by Wills just
after halfway. Wills held on for fourth with Dylan Evans coming from the
back of the pack to finish in fifth.
The TUSA Mod Lites saw familiar faces in the front again during their four
heat races. Former Champion, Erik McKinney took the first heat race win with
Tracy Fritter taking the second heat. The third heat win went to Lynchburg,
Ohio's Dennis Lamphier and the fourth heat saw Larry Drake take the win.
By the time the Mod Lites took to the track for the final feature of the
night, the track was hard and fast. Tracy Fritter took his Pro Lightning car
into turn one with the lead, but a quick caution came out involving three
cars in turn one. After the restart Fritter again got the lead, but Terre
Haute's Larry Drake came on the outside and too the lead on lap seven. Drake
tried to pull away from the field, but six cautions in the race kept closing
the field. On the final restart Drake had his back bumper full of eleventh
place starter Mikey Hay. Hay stayed right behind Drake for the next five
laps, pressuring Drake for the lead spot. The two entered the final lap with
Drake in front and Hay right behind. Hay looked to the inside in turn one,
but stayed on Drake's bumper down the back staraight. Going into turn three,
Hay looked to the outside and got a great run out of the corner, taking the
win by about a half car. Drake's second place finish went by the wayside as
he had problems in the tech area with the car. That moved McKinney back into
the second spot with young Mathew Hay doing a great job in Richard Lawson's
car, taking third. Ontario, Canada driver Paul Klager showed a lot of
patience moving through the field from his fifteenth starting spot took the
fourth spot. Early leader Tracy Fritter managed to hold on to his car for
fifth even with his tires completely worn on his car.
The Winter Nationals will conclude Saturday night at East Bay Raceway Park.


TUSA Winternationals Results- Feb 23/07 - East Bay Florida

Jr. Modlites
1. # 72 Tyler Reed Start: 1
2. # 0J CJ Faison Start: 2
3. # 4 Amanda Whaley Start: 4
4. # 22W Jimmy Wills Start: 3
5. # 80 Dylan Evans Start: 7
6. # 68 Kyle Fuller Start: 5
7. # 946 Kyle Cole Start: 6
8. # 14A Ashley Wilson Start: 8
9. # 1 Alan Knepper Start: 9

Classic Modifieds
1. #7 Shane Hunter Start: 4
2. #37T Wally Billing Start: 2
3. #125 James Ham Start: 7
4. # K8 Randall Klepper Start: 3
5. # 37 Mike Thomas Start:11
6. # 19 Kevin Baker Start: 9
7. # 9 Danny Morgan Start: 10
8.# 3D Phillip Clevenger Start:1
9. #7J Johnny Moordock Start: 8

10. # 12 Kris Norwood Start: 5-DQ
11. # X50 Joel Huggins Start:6-DQ


1. #118 Mikey Hay Start: 11
2. #11 Erik McKinney Start: 1
3. # 70X7 Matt Hay Start: 7
4. # 1R Paul Klager Start: 15
5. #76F Tracy Fritter Start: 4
6. # 54 Paul Miller Start: 5
7. # 8x Doug Carrigan Start: 9
8. # 9T Todd Canter Start: 19
9. # 10C Ryan Charland Start: 25
10. # 76 Steve White Start: 20
11. # 38 Russel Dadds Start: 14
12. # 27x Hall Ornorff Start: 16
13. # 10H Aaron Baba Start: 17
14. # 5 Mike Weaver Start: 24
15. # 6G Dennis Lamphier Start: 3
16. # 93 Tim White Start: 8
17. # 10K Lynn Knepper Start: 10
18. # 67 Rick Brubacher Start: 12
19. # 27 Adam Murphy Start:6
20. # 8B Brian Woodhall Start: 13
21. # 15R Richie Wilson Start: 21
22. # 10 Brandon Dennis Start: 18
23. # V75 Kevin McKinney Start: 23
24.# 26 Eric Bacon Start: 22
25. #97D, Larry Drake, Start 4-DQ









East Bay Winter Nationals Crates and Mod Lites


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