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Stephens Completes Grayson County Speedway Sweep with Race of Champions Tally

By J M Hallas


Waco, Tx., (Sept. 6th, 2008)Another Grayson County Speedway driver and Sherman resident, Cary Stephens completed the weekend track sweep when he scored the win in the IMCA Southern Sportmod, Race of Champions. Stephens took the top spot from early leader Frank Wright and never looked back on his way to victory.


It was 17-cars for 17-laps, with Keith White and Mike Stewart unable to make the call, as Wright and Stephens lead the field to green. Wright jumped out to the lead on lap 1 with Stephens and Robert Black battling side by side for second. Stephens secured the spot on lap 2, then put the pressure on Wright for the lead.


Stephens got past Wright coming out of turn 4 to lead on the third circuit, with Black following to second. Wright continued to surrender spots, giving way to Kevin Green on lap 4, then Johnny Torres and Eric Tomlinson on lap 6. Stephens increased his margin, while K. Green was challenging Black for second.


As Black and K. Green battled, J. Torres and Tomlinson closed the gap. J. Torres moved to the high side of K. Green on lap 10, as Tomlinson filled in on the bottom of J. Torres. J. Torres worked his way along side K. Green on lap 12. K. Green and Tomlinson made contact on lap 13 sending K. Green around, collecting main event winner, Jeff Emerson.


As the green waved for the restart, J. Torres got by Black for second, but in the pack several cars made contact leaving the body panels from Scotty Wallace’s car on the front stretch. Once back to green, J. Torres again got around Black for second, with Tomlinson now looking under Black for third.


Lap 15 saw Tomlinson, Kenneth Graves and Wright play a game of bumper tag in turns 1-2 as Tomlinson checked up trying to get under Black. Up front, J. Torres wasn’t able to cut into Stephens lead as he ran unchallenged in the final two laps to take the checkered flag in an Emerson team car.


IMCA SSM Race of Champions
1. 355 Cary Stephens, Grayson County Speedway
2. 66 Johnny Torres, South Texas Speedway
3. 07 Robert Black, 85 Speedway
4. 45t Eric Tomlinson, Texas Thunder Speedway
5. U2 Frank Wright, 281 Speedway
6. 171 Tommy Davis jr., Grand Prairie Speedway
7. 4g Kenneth Graves, Cardinal Motor Speedway
8. 00 Brad Shirley, Lake County Speedway
9. 28 Gabe Tucker, Abilene Speedway
10. 7 Scotty Wallace, Lubbock Motor Speedway
11. 94 Allen Torres, I-37 Raceway
12. 812 Robert Barnett, Lady Luck Speedway
13. 6 Caleb Stone, Champion Motor Speedway
14. 30 Chase Jupe, Kennedale Speedway Park
15. 5D Kevin Green, Heart o Texas Speedway,
16. 35 Jeff Emerson, Paris Motor Speedway
17. 12w Gary Fox, Boyd Raceway
1 Keith White---DNS, Past Champion Provisional
23 Mike Stewart---DNS, Aztec Speedway






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