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The 2006 Chili Bowl Midget Nationals Rookie Crop Results


Lonnie Wheatley, TULSA, Okla. (January 18, 2006)- Of this year’s record 260 entries for the 20th Annual O’Reilly Chili Bowl Midget Nationals at Tulsa Expo Raceway, 72 of the competitors were taking in their first edition of the Chili Bowl.


Oklahoma racers Mike Goodman and Wayne Johnson, a pair of experienced Sprint Car shoes, each made their Midget racing debut a successful one by making it to Saturday night’s 50-lap Championship A Main event.


After an impressive fifth place finish in Friday night’s feature, Tulsa’s Goodman took full advantage of a front row B Feature starting slot to win Saturday’s second B Main to advance to the feature in Jack French’s Gaerte-powered Fasco Fiber Optics No. 11m Ellis. 


Johnson’s road to the A Main aboard Wayne Simmons’ Esslinger-powered No. F5 machine was a more difficult one. 


After suffering a flat tire during heat race action on his qualifying night, the Oklahoma City native charged through his Last Chance race then was battling for a transfer position to the A Main when he got caught up in a multi-car tangle on the final round and was ultimately credited with a 14th place finish in his B Feature.


As a result, Johnson started Saturday’s action mired in the second F Main.  It proved to be to the fans’ benefit however, as Johnson turned in a classic charge through the Chili Bowl’s famous alphabet soup of features, passing 53 cars en route to an A Feature starting berth.


Goodman took the checkered flag 17th in the main event after being caught up in a tangle, while Johnson was credited with 23rd after making an early exit due to brake problems.


A handful of other rookies advanced as far as Saturday’s B Feature action, including West Virginia Late Model shoe Josh Richards, Indiana teen Brent Beauchamp, California racers Darren Hagen and Cole Whitt and Tennessee’s Kevin Swindell.


A look at the top 30 rookies’ Saturday feature results from the 20th Annual O’Reilly Chili Bowl Midget Nationals is as follows:


  1. 11m – Mike Goodman (Tulsa, OK) – 17th in A Feature; 1st in B Feature 1

  2. F5 – Wayne Johnson (Oklahoma City, OK) – 23rd in A Feature; 5th in B Feature 2; 5th in C Feature 2; 3rd in D Feature 2; 4th in E Feature 2; 3rd in F Feature 2 (Passed 53 cars while climbing from the 2nd F Main to the A Main)

  3. 27 – Josh Richards (Shinnston, WV) – 7th in B Feature 2

  4. 85x – Brent Beauchamp (Fairland, IN) – 11th in B Feature 1

  5. 71 – Darren Hagen (Riverside, CA) – 13th in B Feature 1

  6. 29w – Cole Whitt (Alpine, CA) – 18th in B Feature 2; 2nd in C Feature 2

  7. 39 – Kevin Swindell (Germantown, TN) – 20th in B Feature 1

  8. 68 – Jonathan Hendrick (Fortville, IN) – 8th in C Feature 2

  9. 12 – Trey Robb (Newcastle, OK) – 10th in C Feature 2; 1st in D Feature 2

  10. 77e – Dave Ely (West Lawn, PA) – 11th in C Feature 2

  11. 31h – Justin Henderson (Sioux Falls, SD) – 15th in C Feature 2

  12. 71c – Chad Kemenah (Findlay, OH) – 17th in C Feature 1

  13. 44p – Ryan Pace (Arroyo Grande, CA) – 10th in D Feature 1

  14. 17x – Audra Sasselli (Fresno, CA) – 7th in E Feature 1; 4th in F Feature 1; 1st in G Feature 1

  15. 37b – Zac Osborn (Muncie, IN) – 7th in E Feature 2; 2nd in F Feature 2

  16. 5z – Zach Daum (Pocahontas, IL) – 8th in E Feature 2

  17. 49 – Billy Pauch, Jr. (Frenchtown, NJ) – 10th in E Feature 1; 2nd in F Feature 1

  18. 83 – Kurt Blackaby (Bentonville, AR) – 11th in E Feature 1

  19. 98 – Curtis Bailey (Bartlesville, OK) – 12th in E Feature 2

  20. 4m – Scott Milan (Ft. Collins, CO) – 14th in E Feature 1

  21. 17k – Kenny Adams (Normal, IL) – 15th in E Feature 2

  22. 30 – Chad Boat (Phoenix, AZ) – 16th in E Feature 1

  23. 19s – Jonathan Beason (Broken Arrow, OK) – 6th in F Feature 2

  24. 31x – Joe Walker (Harrisonville, MO) – 7th in F Feature 1; 3rd I G Feature 1; 4th in H Feature 1; 3rd in I Feature 1; 4th in J Feature 1; 1st in K Feature 1

  25. 2b – Brady Short (Bedford, IN) – 13th in F Feature 1

  26. 25 – Nick Knepper (Belleville, IL) – 15th in F Feature 1

  27. 21m – Andy Martin (Gordonsville, PA) – DNS F Feature 2

  28. 22x – Dex Eaton (Owasso, OK) – 7th in G Feature 2

  29. 86x – Daron Clayton (Sikeston, MO) – 9th in G Feature 1

  30. 27b – Todd Kimmel (Avon, IN) – 9th in G Feature 2

Pictured:  Top – Wayne Johnson races past Joey Montgomery and Cole Whitt en route to the A Main; Middle – Mike Goodman put the No. 11 entry into the A Feature.  (Photos courtesy of David Shead)




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