East Bay Winternational Sprint Cars


 Heat 1Heat 1

Saturday night 1st heat race begins with #89 Cody Darrah on the pole and #7G
Jimmy Glenn on the outside. Green flag flies and the #89 Darrah jumps up to take
over the lead. He is going to hold on to the lead for the entire race. They’re
no cautions the race. #75J Jamie Umlauf from Richboro, PA will come in 3rd. #12G
Christopher Glenn Branchburg, NJ in 2nd and #89 Cody Darrah driving a Hyper /
Kawasaki 600cc in 1st.

Heat 2

Second heat is going to be the # 88 Andrew Griffin starting on the pole and #8Y
Jim Young on the outside. On the 5th lap # 11J Jim Brookens moves up to take
over the 2nd position from Griffin. Caution came out on the last lap from the
#56 Jason Brown #14G Coleman Gulick getting together, coming into turn two. The
cars lined back up to get the green, white, checkered flag. Coming in 3rd was
#07 Paul Gottschalk from New Smyrna Beach, FL, 2nd was # 11J Jim Brookens from
Fayetteville, PA and staying in 1st #8Y Jim Young from Johnstown, PA.

Heat 3

Heat three starts with # 8 Eddie Moss Jr. on the pole and #9 Kevin Thomas on the
outside. In the 1st lap of turn two #13X Brian Roseman and # 81 Randy Carrier
gets together causing #81 Carrie to flip. They line back up for a complete
restart. Starting in the 4th position #25S Steve Buckwalter gets a good restart
and jumps up into the lead coming into turn four. #7 Jesse Teed from Christmas,
FL starting in last, moves quickly around the track. Jesse gets all the way up
into 3rd and that is where he will finish. #8U George Ulmer from Johnstown, PA
finish in 2nd and #25S Steve Buckwalter from Royersforo, PA finishes in 1st.

Heat 4

Starting on the pole in heat four is going to be #33X Mike Rutherford and #2T
Ron Taggart on the outside. Rutherford gets a big lead right off the start and #
#33 Matthew Wilson was following right behind for 2nd. #76 Mark Palome will spin
between turns three and four, bringing out caution #1. Caution #2 comes out on
lap 6 for #22 Sam Mancuso spinning into the inside burm of turn four. They go
green just to see the #69 TJ Raymond flipping down the back straightaway. TJ
gets together with 32T Ron Taggart causing the flip. The checkered flag flies
and #33 Matthew Wilson from Daytona Beach, FL comes in 3rd, #87 Duane Harbaugh
from Hedgesville, WV in 2nd, and #33X Mike Rutherford from Newmanstown, PA in

A Main

Starting the A Main with only 2 cars transferring from the B main was #14G
Coleman Gulick and #23 John Paynter. Starting on the pole is going to be #12G
Christopher Glenn and #11J Jim Brookens on the out side. Brookens takes the lead
on the first lap. On lap6 #80 Gregory Skyta spins around in turn two. All the
cars get lined up single file for the restart. Flag man drops the green flag and
Brookens keeps the lead. Caution comes out again for # 86 Russ Hider slamming
into turn two’s wall. #14 James Fairfield is going to bring out another caution,
coming to a stop on the front straight away. Just as soon as the green flag
drops, Eddie Moss Jr. #8 loses his left rear wheel, sparks flew when Moss
slammed into the front straight away. #14 James Fairfield hit the wheel of Moss
causing him to have a nasty flip going nose over tail four times. Both are okay.
Continuing the race #75 Jamie Umlaut and #3 Michael Casario gets together having
another caution. At the same time #07 Paul Gottschalk has trouble when he turns
to the right to miss the accident and goes head on into the wall. Completing all
25 laps for the first time this week, we will see the checkered flag. Rounding
out the top 5 is going to be #35 Lex Burritt from Redding, CT in 5th, #12 Nathen
Hauck from York, PA in 4th, #33X Mike Rutherford from Newmanstown, PA driving a
Hyper / Kawasaki 636cc in 3rd, #25S Steve Buckwalter from Royersforo, PA also
driving a Hyper / Kawasaki 600cc 06 Chili Bowl Qualifier in 2nd, and hanging on
to 1st the whole race #11J Jim Brookens from Fayetteville, PA driving a Stallard
Kawasaki 636cc and 2005 Winternationals Champion.




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