East Bay Winternational Sprint Cars


 Heat #1Heat #1

Thursday night the 2006 F.M.S.A Winter Nationals heat race #1 will start out
with the 8Y of Jim Young from Johnstown, PA will start on the pole with the 33X
of Mike Rutherford from Newmanstown, PA on the outside. The 7G of Jimmy Glenn
pull into the end field and be out for the remainder of this race. On Lap seven
the #7C and the 47 of Ralph Herrero will both have problems and had to pull into
the end field. The race would end with the 75 of Jamie Umlauf from Richboro, PA
in 3rd, 33X Mike Rutherford in 2nd and 8Y Jim Young will finish 1st.

Heat #2

The second heat race will start with 2T Ron Taggart from Coatesville, PA on the
pole and the #88 of Andrew Griffin out of Seminole, FL started on the outside.
#88 Griffin took the lead on lap two with the #25 of Harold Matthews right on
his tail. Mathews took the lead on lap four with #25? of Steve Buckwalter
taking over the 2nd position. Green flay will stay out. The 89 of Cody Darrah
driving a Hyper / Kawasaki 600cc coming in 3rd, #25? Steve Buckalter from
Royersforo, PA will take 2nd and holing on to 1st will be #25 of Harold
Matthews out of Jacksonville, FL .

Heat #3

The 3rd heat race for the F.M.S.A started with the #F14 Jeremy Frankoski from
Newark Valley, NY on the pole and Brian Roseman Hickory, NC in the 13X on the
outside. Green flag will fly. #F14 Frankoski held on to the lead until lap six.
#11J Jim Brookens starting in the sixth position will come up to take the lead
on lap seven. The #12 car of Nathen Hauck and Roseman # 13X will both spin in
turn four. Caution will come out again with the #33 of Matthew Wilson stoping on
the back straight away with wiring problems. They lineed them back up for the
white flag. When the checkered flag drops it will be # 7 Jessie Teed from
Christmas, FL in a Factor 1 / Suzuki 750cc in 3rd, #F14 Jeremy Frankoski from
Newark Valley, NY driving a King / NPS 600cc in 2nd and the #11J of Jim Brookens
from Fayetteville, PA in a Stallard Kawasaki 636cc in 1st.

Heat #4

Last heat race for the Florida Mini Sprints started out with the #11 of Cory
Spencer on the pole with the #56 of Jason Brown on the outside. On Lap two the
#12G of Christopher Glenn will take the lead. Caution came out with the #114
getting turned around. Green flag flew and it stay green for the rest of this
heat race. The #07 of Paul Gottschalk from New Smyrna Beach, FL will come up to
3rd, Gregory Skyta from Palm Coast, FL held 2nd, and the #12G Christopher Glenn
from Branchburg, NJ Hyper / Suzuki 600 cc will hold to finish 1st.

B Main

The B Main started tonight with a three-row inversion only taking the top two to
the A Main. Eddie Moss #8 starting on the pole with #80 Gregory Skyta on the
outside. Caution came out on the 2nd lap with the #33 Matthew Wilson trying to
pull into the end field. #8 Eddie Moss will hold on to first for the first 3
laps. #13X Brian Roseman will take over the lead on lap four and #7G Jimmy Glenn
coming up to 2nd.. Caution came out with the #17A coming to a rolling stop in
turn one. # 13 Brian Roseman will hang on to the lead. The race stayed green
and holing on to the transferring positions to the A Main will be #7G Jimmy
Glenn from Branchburg, NJ driving a Hyper / Suzuki 600 cc and #13X Brian Roseman
out of Hickory, NC driving Stallard / Yamaha 600cc.

A Main

The F.M.S.A first night of the 2006 winter Nationals A main started out with the
#33x Mike Rutherford from Newmanstown, PA and #25$ Steve Buckwalter from
Royersforo, PA on the outside. In turn one #33x Mike Rutherford and #11 Jim
Brookens got together. Brookens haveed to be pulled into the infield and
Rutherford had to start at the back. We had a complete restart. Caution flew
again from the #56 of Jason Brown getting turned around coming out of turn two.
We went green just to have another caution on lap five with the #11 of Cory
Spencer having problems in turn four. At the same time, we saw the #07 of Paul
Gottschalk stopping on the front straight away with hot water from his front
radiator poring all over him. He was done for the night. On lap six of a 20 lap
A Main we saw the #76 Mark Palome with his top wing off his car. The race ended
with only 8 laps completed do to time limited with a green white checkered.
Rounding out the top five was 5th #7 Jesse Teed sponsored by Jesse James
Demolition from Christmas, FL driving Factor 1 / Suzuki 750cc, in 4th was #89
Cody Darrah sponsored by J&K Salvage/H&L Sales/Eckert Sales driving Hyper /
Kawasaki 600cc, in 3rd will be the #25 of Harold Matthews sponsored
by ESR,Durden Surveying&Mapping from Jacksonville, FL driving Stallard / Suzuki
750cc, 2nd will be #25$ Steve Buckwalter sponsored by J&K Salvage/H&L
Sales/Eckert Sales from Royersforo,PA driving a Hyper / Kawasaki 600cc, and
coming in 1st was #8Y Jim Young from Johnstown, PA sponsored by Lias
Tire/Cemics Kawasaki driving a Predator / Yamaha 600cc a Tulsa Shootout Winner.




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