East Bay Winternational Sprint Cars


Heat 1


8Y Jim Young has had great pill draws so far the past week. Starting off this week he pulls a #1 and starts on the pole and #3B  Brad Greer    on the outside. #36 Ben Murphy comes up, from starting in the 7th position, to take over 3rd on lap 9. No cautions come out and the  #36 Murphy finishes 3rd, #3B Brad Greer in 2nd, and #8Y Jim Young holds on to 1st the whole race.


Heat 2


#25 Harold Matthews starting on the pole and #9 Kevin Thomas start on the outside. #33X Mike Rutherford spins getting together with #75J Jamie Umlauf . #33 Rutherford will have to pull into the infield. On lap three #89 Cody Darrah brings out the second caution from getting turned around. They get lined back up to go green. Green flag stays out #75J Jamie Umlauf makes it up to 3rd, #38N in 2nd, and #25 Harold Matthews will also hold the lead the whole race.


Heat 3


#8 Eddie Moss Jr .starts on the outside of 14R on the pole. Green flag comes out and will stay green for a caution free race.#24 Heath Hehnly finishes 3rd, #9L Charles Langston in 2nd and #68 Jonathan Hendrick comes up to 1st after starting in the 6th position.


Heat 4


Green flag flies with the # 25S Steve Buckwalter on the pole and #20 Scotty Smith on the outside. On lap three #3 Michael Cassrio spins, bring out the only caution. #11J Jim Brookens starting in the 9th position comes up to finish 3rd, #20 Scotty Smith hangs on to 2nd, and #25S Steve Buckwalter hold onto 1st.


A Main


The A main took only 2 cars from the B main #87 Duane Harbough and #07 Paul Gottschalk both starting at the back on the pack. #84 George Ulmer starting on the pole and #7G Jimmy Glenn starting on the outside. There will be trouble on lap 18. Coming into turn one #8U George Ulmer misses a shift, causing a four car pileup. With car #9L Charles Langston, #75J Jamie Umlauf and #36 Ben Murphy all getting involved. #8 Eddie Moss Jr. pulls into the infield with a blown motor. Green flag stays out for the last two laps. Rounding out the top five is going to be #7G Jimmy Glenn from Branchburg, NJ in 5th, #25S Steve Buckwalter from Royersforo, PA in 4th, #24 Heath Hehnly driving Hyper / Kawasaki in 3rd, #20 Scotty Smith from Middletown, DE in 2nd, a #11J Jim Brookens from Fayetteville, PA gets up to 1st on lap 4 and that is where he will finish.   



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