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TAMPA, FL…..2/2/06…..”I love East Bay,” said happy team owner Lori McCarl in victory lane standing beside her winning husband Terry who had just claimed victory in the opening night for 410 Sprint cars worth $3000 Thursday night as East Bay Raceway Park.


“It took me all of hot laps to get used to having my wing back on top again,” joked McCarl who just finished three wingless shows here.  (More than he had ever run in his life.)  He was quick to point out that his sponsors, Big Game Tree Stands,, Bosma Poultry and, should get all the credit for his win over the 50 cars signed in tonight.  His winning Eagle chassis was powered by a Wesmar engine and rode on Hoosier tires.


After starting third in the 26 car field, McCarl held that spot behind front row starters, Greg Wilson and Bob Felmlee until they got into lapped traffic on lap six.   McCarl and Gary Wright both used the back-markers to slip past Felmlee dropping him to fourth.


With Wilson’s Verl Warnimont owned, Kistler powered Eagle still showing the way on lap nine, Freddie Rahmer and Danny Smith tangled in turn two bringing out the first yellow.  Fast-timer Danny Lasoski, who failed to qualify through his heat, was forced to start seventh in the A-Main after winning the B-Main came up to fourth on the restart line up behind Wilson, McCarl and Wright.


The next seven laps under green let Wilson build a six car-length lead at the half-way mark, but the front four tightened back up as lapped cars entered the picture again by lap 15 and McCarl made his winning move on the inside in turn two and led the 16th lap as Lasoski moved into third.


A red flag came out after that lap for Liberal, Kansas driver Jason Martin who climbed the wheel of another car in turn three and took a hard tumble.  As the green replaced the red, McCarl had his hands full holding off Wilson, Lasoski and Wright.  On lap 23 Lasoski got by Wilson to take second place as Wilson managed to hold off Wright and Felmlee, all top five finishers.


Lasoski’s charge from seventh to second put a smile on the faces of his new team, Paul Silva, Davey Whitworth and Stephen Tiner.   It was the first time out for the Dennis and Teresa Roth owned “new” Eagle chassis design sporting special linkage and geometry,  powered by a reconfigured Kistler engine.


A Sprint car show officially opened East Bay 30 years ago with the Winternationals and tonight’s race was a great tribute to that tradition as the top four cars ran the last 10 laps of the 25 lap feature in tight formation.  Finishing in the top ten it was Danny Smith, Lance Dewease, Craig Dollansky, Jason Sides and Shane Stewart.


Heats went to Brock Mayes, Ed Lynch, Jr., Greg Hodnett and Jason Solwold.  The C-Main was won by Mark Broughman, and the B-Main winner was Lasoski.  The Gulf Coast Produce Strawberry Dash went to Steve King.

                                                            Thanks, Jean Lynch for East Bay Raceway Park




Qualifying Results:


1. 83 Danny Lasoski – 12.662; 2. 9 Gary Wright – 12.744; 3. 4 Danny Smith – 12.835; 4. 22 Fred Rahmer – 12.849; 5. 24 Terry McCarl – 12.852; 6. 4K Kelly Kinser – 12.867; 7. 00M Danny Martin – 12.883; 8. 25 Lance Dewease – 12.930; 9. 6 Bob Felmlee – 12.935; 10. W20 Greg Wilson – 12.952; 11. 7S Jason Sides – 12.992; 12. 7 Craig Dollansky – 13.042; 13. 26 Shane Stewart – 13.048; 14. 81 Nick Smith – 13.090; 15. 00 James Nier – 13.117; 16. 15K Chad Kemenah – 13.158; 17. 29 Travis Rilat – 13.160; 18. 2L Ed Lynch, Jr. – 13.210; 19. 77 Greg Hodnett – 13.237; 20. R19 Jason Solwold – 13.255; 21. 11B Brock Mayes – 13.269; 22. 55   Kerry Madsen – 13.382; 23. 71M Paul May – 13.407; 24. D1 Jesse Giannetto – 13.430; 25. 3B Scott Bonnell – 13.441; 26. 50Z Zach Chappell – 13.479; 27. 4M Mike Chadd – 13.498; 28. 1T Tim Shaffer – 13.711; 29. 36 Jason Martin – 13.772; 30. 21X Dickie Gaines – 13.810; 31. 66 Ryan Bunton – 13.815; 32. 92 Jeff Shepard – 13.861; 33. 47J Jeff Busby – 13.923; 34. 4B Tom Busch – 13.956; 35. 94S Wayne Johnson – 14.067; 36. 88 Steve King – 14.252; 37. 44J Abe Sherwood – 14.423; 38. 27 Skip Dougherty – 14.454; 39. 34 Luke Hall – 14.592; 40. 52 Mark Broughman – 14.631; 41. 56R Ryan Myers – 14.787; 42. 69X Mark Cole – 14.857; 43. 12M James Mosher – 15.368; 44. 33 Brent Matus – 15.421; 45. 72J Johnny Johnson – 15.910; 46. 33M Joe Butera – 16.222; 47. 38 Jacob Slotten – 16.252; 48. 51 John Sauermilch, Jr. – 16.495; 49. 4G Spud Gustin – N/T; 50. 18 Tony Bruce, Jr. – N/T


1st Heat – 1)Brock Mayes 2)Travis Rilat 3)Bob Felmlee 4)Shane Stewart 5)Terry McCarl 6)Danny Lasoski 7)Jason Martin 8)Scott Bonnell 9)Jeff Busby 10)Abe Sherwood 11)Ryan Myers 12)Johnny Johnson 13)Spud Gustin DNS

2nd Heat – 1)Ed Lynch, Jr. 2)Greg Wilson 3)Gary Wright 4)Kerry Madsen 5)Nick Smith 6)Dickie Gaines 7)Zach Chappell 8)Tom Busch 9)Kelly Kinser 10)Joe Butera 11)Skip Dougherty 12)Mark Cole DNS 13)Tony Bruce, Jr. DNS

3rd Heat – 1)Greg Hodnett 2)Jason Sides 3)Paul May 4)James Nier 5)Danny Smith 6)Mike Chadd 7)Danny Martin, Jr. 8)Wayne Johnson 9)Ryan Bunton 10)James Mosher 11)Jacob Slotten 12)Luke Hall DNS

4th Heat – 1)Jason Solwold 2)Jesse Giannetto 3)Craig Dolansky 4)Chad Kemenah 5)Fred Rahmer 6)Lance Dewease 7)Jeff Shepard 8)Tim Shaffer 9)Steve King 10)Mark Broughman 11)Bret Matus 12)John Sauermilch, Jr.


C – Main – 1)Mark Broughman 2)Ryan Myers 3)Mark Cole 4)Brent Matus 5)Spud Gustin 6)Jacob Slotten 7)Johnny Johnson 8)John Sauermilch, Jr. 9)James Mosher 10)Joe Butera 11)Skip Daugherty DNS 12)Tony Bruce, Jr. DNS


 B – Main – 1)Danny Lasoski 2)Lance Dewease 3)Danny Martin, Jr. 4)Mike Chadd 5)Jason Martin 6)Tim Shaffer 7)Zach Chappell 8)Scott Bonnell 9)Jeff Shepard 10)Steve King 11)Dickie Gaines 12)Wayne Johnson 13)Ryan Buton 14)Jeff Busby 15)Abe Sherwood 16)Ryan Myers 17)Mark Cole 18)Mark Broughman 19)Brent Matus 20)Tom Busch


A – Main (25 Laps) – 1)Terry McCarl 2)Danny Lasoski 3)Greg Wilson 4)Gary Wright 5)Bob Felmlee 6)Danny Smith 7)Lance Dewease 8)Craig Dollansky 9)Jason Sides 10)Shane Stewart 11)Chad Kemenah 12)Jason Solwold 13)Travis Rilat 14)Nick Smith 15)Greg Hodnett 16)Ed Lynch, Jr. 17)Tim Shaffer 18)Kerry Madsen 19)Danny Martin, Jr. 20)Brock Mayes 21)James Nier 22)Paul May 23)Jesse Giannetto 24)Jason Martin 25)Fred Rahmer 26)Mike Chadd


Gulf Coast Produce Strawberry Dash – 1)Steve King 2)Jeff Busby 3)Abe Sherwood 4)Brent Matus 5)Joe Butera





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