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The Colossal 100


Colossal 100 


If you have not seen a show at The Dirt Track at Lowe’s Motor Speedway you need it at it to your gotta go list.  The Colossal was a great show. I would not of bet a Dime to a Dollar that they would run the show when I got there at 4:00 on Saturday. It was raining HARD.  I thought I just wasted a 300-mile drive.  At the price of gas today, rainouts can kill a budget.  But Roger Slack and the Lowe’s crew said if there was a way, they were going to run this race.   Radar showed one more band then clearing.  It rained till 5:30 sometimes hard.  Check my photos from LMS and you can see how much standing water.


They took a page from Earl’s book at Eldora and did not give up. They began to work the track when the rain stopped and it was the best track I have ever seen at Lowe’s until the feature.


The C’s and Bs were Star filled races (Complete finishes on our Special events page) with many cars making passes on the high and low side. 4th in the C to make the B and first 6 out of the B to make the feature.  So it was great racing. Furman Parton from the Carolina crew was fast and just who is Ronnie Lee Hollingsworth and where does he run.


117 cars timed trialed


If the only thing you saw was the fire works then it was worth the trip. A good grandstand crowd on a rainy evening and the fireworks as they started the Feature were better than most home town  4th of July shows.


36 Cars started the feature and it took 35 laps before we saw over 6 green flag laps in a row, 9 yellow flags... Shannon Babb was fast and had the fastest car.  Steve Francis got him on a restart and took the lead for a couple of laps. Ronnie De Haven took a Vicious flip on the front streach to bring out a red flag. Babb shot to the lead on the restart.   He made several good moves and one GREAT move as Scott Bloomquist caught him one time.  The track broke down for the feature, and only 10 or 11 cars were running at the end.   There were several cars faster then Bloomquist, but there is not a driver in late models smarter than Scott.


Chub Frank charged from 34 to a great run. Daren Miller came from 26 starting spot to take 2nd spot on lap 60 only to have a flat on lap 67. So you can see there was plenty of passing.


Bloomquist is so smooth and knows just what line to run to save his car. So smart a race he ran. He was with a very happy crew in Victory lane.


Next time pack it up the next time get your Butts down to Carolina and see the races


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