Scott Slugg

           # 69

Scott lives in  Greenville and BCR is his home track. He is 37 years old and started racing Mods in 1999.  

Scott had been around racing so long he decided to try it.  He won his first race in 99 at Highland. 

The car is a  2001 Dirt Works with a 351 Ford.

Dale Jarrett is Scotts racin hero.

Scott is leading points at BCR . His clean sweet of the trophy , heat , and the feature at BRC  . is his biggest racing accomplishment.

Scott says Rolling the car was thrill  but it seems more of a  scare, to luvracin. 

The goal for Scott is having fun and staying healthy.

Dad , Jeff, Randy, Larrry, Robert, Greg, Jeff , and Lester help.

Quote:. "I won a lot from the fence."












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