Greg Lingafelter


Greg Lingafelter is from Willow Hill.  Charleston is his home track but he also runs at Red Hill.

Greg began running street cars in 1965 , and he won his first race at Charleston his rookie year,  and he began racing because its "Crazy!"

In 1971 he won the White Squirrel  Track Championship in Super Stock.  

The car is a Ford 396 in a TCA chassis.

Dale Jarrett is Greg's racing hero.

Never getting injured bad is a great racing accomplishment for some one in his 4th decade of racing

Running at Eldora in 1979 is his greatest thrill.

Greg just wants to keep racing and have a good time.

Frog Newkirk, Greg Lingfelter jr.,James Griffith, and Raymond Shedlebower have helped.

Quote: "Race, have fun, and enjoy doing it!"




















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