Brian Shirley


Brian is 21 years old and from Chatam.  His home tracks are Macon and Farmer City.  He also races Danville, and Godfrey.

Brian started racing motorcycles in 1997.  When ask why he started racing he said" it sounded like fun."  Broken wrist bones cut short his motorcycle career. " Its hard to twist the throttle, on a bike, if your wrist will not bend."

In 1999 he started racing Modifieds with 2001 being his first full year and he 5th in the points at Macon speedway. 

The car was  car is a Larry Shaw car.

In 2002 Brian decided to switch to a GTR late model, with a Gary Walters Motor.

Dale Earndhart is Brians racing hero.

The thrill of racing for Brian is "high Speed!"

The goal: "is to run  well this year in the late model and make as many shows as possible. 

He considers 12 #1 plates in Grand National flat track series his greatest racing   accomplishment.

The crew and the help comes from Jay Shirley, Bill Gibbons, Jennifer , and Gary Walters and Family.











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