Jim Quinn


Jim is 31 years old and from Farmer City.   He races street stocks at his home track of Farmer City. He allow runs Macon.

The car is a Camero 

Jim started racing in 1994 in a street stock at Farmer City. He started racing because it is a family tradition.  He got his first win in 1997 in a street stock at Farmer City.

Jim won the street stock track Championship in 1999 at Farmer city. He won two features in one night that year.  The Championship was won on the last night of the season. 

In 2001 Jim ran sportsman and finished in the top 10 in the points his first year.

The competition and horsepower are the thrill of racing for Jim.  Winning the Championship in 1999 his greater racing thrill. Winning a heat and the feature his first night of competition at Macon ranks as his greatest racing accomplishment. 

The goal is to be competitive in any class that he races in.

Help comes from the family.

The Late Great Dale Earnhardt is his racing hero.

Quote: " Go wide open till you see God, turn left."






















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