Rod Sandage


Rod is 37 years old and races Sportsman at his home track of Farmer City. He also runs Fairbury, and The Springfield mile. 

The  2002 car  is a Camero stub on a home made chassis and is Chevy powered.

Rob began racin in 1993 in a street stock. He won his first race his rookie year at Fairbury. he began racin for the "Speed, competition, and the challenge of building something from scratch and being competition.

 From 1994-2000 Rod has been in the top 3 in points, and in 1997 he was the street stock champion at Fairbury.

Dale Earnhardt is his racin hero

Rod feels that building a car from scratch that is competitive is his greatest racin accomplishment. His greatest thrill was winning the track championship in '97.

The thrill of racing for Rod is the challenge of making a car do what you want it to, and the rewards it brings when it actually works.

Leonard and Karen Sandage, Jim and Illene Harper, and  Sid Lill help. Jim and Sid are the pit crew and Rod gets a lotta help from his parents. 

Rod has driver Sid Lill Modified a little and looks forward to moving up.

Quote: "its better to know a little about a lot of things than to know a lot about little things."











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