Chad Cornet Reum

             # 9

Chad Cornet Reum sportsman # 9 from Collinsville, Il is 16 years of age. 2001 racing season is his rookie year. Chad has been a fan of racing for years and used to come to the track to watch with his father. 

Chad’s sportsman is a 1977 Monte Carlo chassis with a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix body, powered by a Chevy 406 small block Hoffman engine. His greatest accomplishment so far is building the car and getting to the track. 

Chad’s racing hero is Aaron Kleine. His goal is to someday drive a Nascar Winston Cup car. Chad would like to thank his mom, Roxanne his dad, Randy, Steve, Matt, Dave, Danny and Justin for all of their help and support. 

Quote: “Oh hell yeah” and “it’ll be allright”