Bob Goodman


     Bob Goodman pure stock #1 from Belleville, IL is 35 years of age. BelleClaire Speedway is his home track.

     Bob began racing when his close friend "Fuzzy" gave him the chance after Bob's father passed away. His best points finish was 3rd in 1999 & 2000 at BelleClaire.

     Bob's race car is a Chubby chassis powered by a Chevy race engine. His racing hero is the late Dale Earnhardt.

     Bob's greatest racing accomplishment was his very first win. His racing goal is for their 3 car race team to do their best and have fun.

     Bob would like to thank Bob, Fuzzy, Lil' Bob, JB, Lisa, Devon, mom and dad, and all of the fans.

Quote: "It's all good no matter where you finish"!