Jimmy Hurley


Jimmy Hurley is 18 years old and from Springfield Il. His home track is Jacksonville speedway and he also races at Farmington Mo., and Spoon River.

Jimmy began racing in 410 Sprint cars at Jacksonville in 2002.  His car is a Reverse arm Eagle chassis with a 410.

Jimmy had watched races since he was 3 years old and always wanted to be a race car driver. 

He made his first dash in 2002 at Farmington Mo.

The personal thrill of racing for Jimmy is "going fast and racing with drivers that I grew up watching.  Running my first ever non wing sprint show at Macon speedway was my greatest racing thrill so far. I am proud that I am doing so well in my first year in a Sprint car because I did not race anything before"

Rib Standridge and Steve Kinser is his racing hero's. 

Dale Carter, Jimmy Hurley SR. and JR. all help

Quote: "Rubbin is racin." YOU 












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