Ron Wall


Ron is 56 years old and from Mt. Vernon Il. Paducah Ky. is his home track .

His 2002 car is a Chevy Predator .

Ron began racing in 1989 in a street stock ad Knoxville Il. he had grew up going to car races and always loved them. so he started. He got his first win in a street stock at Knoxville in his rookie year.

Ron did not race in 2001 due to a family illness.

In 1991 Ron won the Knoxville track championship in a street stock and the 1991 Coors Summer Series. 

Winning that Championship ranks as his greatest racing thrill. Winning 12 features in one year ranks as his greatest racing accomplishment. 

His sister Pat helps

A.J. Foyt is his favorite race car driver.




















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