Joe Beam


Joe is 38 years old and from Washington. He races modifieds and Red hill is his home track. He also races at Flora Il., Sullivan In., and Bloomington In. 

He started racing Bombers in 1994 because he wanted to spend the kids college fund.  He got his first win in a Bomber at Martin Co. In. in 1995. He finished second in points in 98 and 99 in a Limited Late Model at Red Hill.

The car is a Lightning with a small block Chevy. 

Kenny Schrader is Joe's racing hero because. " he will race anywhere any time , whether he wins or not."

Trying to spend al the money to his name is his biggest accomplishment so far in racing.

Winning at Red Hill ranks as his biggest thrill.

The goal for Joe is to stay afloat and keep racing.

Of all the people that have helped  Joe wants to thank his wife.  "With our her letting me spend a lot of money I could never do it!"

Quote: "Go racing hard. and drink a cold Budweiser after it is over with for the night."


















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