Kevin Lenzen is 33 years old, from Wilmington, IL.  He drives the L3 Street Stock at his home track of Kankakee and "where the money is at"!

Kevin's been racing since 1990.  He started racing Street Stocks, at Kankakee, "for the fun"!

His first win was in 1991 at LaSalle, IL in the Street Stock class.  Kevin was 2nd in points at Kankakee in 2001.  In 1992 and 1998, Kevin was Track Champion at LaSalle.

Kevin's greatest thrill was a "clean sweep".  His greatest accomplishment was the 1998 LaSalle Championship.

Matt, Kenny, Bret, John, Beth, Don, Pops and Justin have helped Kevin.

Roger Long is his favorite driver.

Kevin can often be heard saying "Go Fast, Turn Left"!

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