Marc McClintock

           #  70

     Marc  is 42 and races out of Marissa Il .  He began racing in 1981 in a Sportsman.  His first win came in 1985. 

    Marc started racing because he had always been attracted to it.  In 1990 he won the first of 7 Track Championships racing a late model at  Belle Clair. 

     In 1993 he won both the Belle Clair Track Championship and the Tri-City Championship.  He repeated the feat in 1994 and again in 1996 won the Belle Clair crown. 

      The car is a  Rayburn Pontiac by S.C.P. 

     Steve Picu, and Jim Schwiedewind ( R laughs did I get it right?) have help Marc with his racing.

    Marc says "Any time you win a feature it is a thrill, that is what we are all hear for."  He hopes to someday win "a big one"   

Quote:  Marc says " They better hope I never get a hold of a sponsor with money!"