Terry Waldrop 

           #  40

    Terry  is from Decatur Il. He began racing in 1993 at Macon and he was named Nascar  Rookie of the Year in bombers that year.

    Terry is a die hard Chevie man and the car is a 1980 Camero with a 350.

    Terry led the  Street Stock points at Greenville  Speedway the last year they ran.

     Terry is  the kids favorite. As he walks around the track he always has a " entourage " of kids following him. He not only will take time to give a autograph to any kid, but he will stop and talk to them . He does this  not only  at the track  but every place  he sees them.

      Terry has ran into some tough racing luck the last couple of years but he says he is back this year.

      Dale Earnhardt is Terrys racing hero.

      Terry says "HEY! This is me.  Some good some bad, but me.!"