Matt Goulden 

           #  11g

Matt is 21 and from Springfield Ill. He started racing in 2000  because he just loved cars and his family raced before. Matt calls Macon his home track and also runs at  Farmer City and Godfrey.

The red and yellow  car is a Dirt Works with a 406 cu. in. Chevy.

Matt has won 1 Feature, 3 Semi Features and 4 Heats.

The thrill of racing for Matt is the excitement and adrenaline rush.  His greatest racing thrill was flipping his car the first night out at Farmer City Speedway.  His greatest racing moment was winning the first Feature at Macon.

Steve Goulden, Chris Pfeiler, Gary Clark, Gary Walters and Terry Klern have helped Matt with his racing program. 

Dick and Matt Taylor are Matt's racing heroes.

Quote:  "You gotta be tough to be in this business."











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