Clint Bex

           # 24

Clint Bex late model #24 from Palastine, Il is 19 years of age. He began racing in 2001. Mt. Vernon Raceway is his home track but you can also catch him at Red Hill and Macon Speedway. 

Clint’s racing hero is Jeff Gordon. His late model is a Rayburn chassis powered by an Ace race engine. Clint’s greatest accomplishment so far in his career is making the Daytona Go-Kart feature out of 2,000 go-karts. 

Clint’s greatest racing thrill is being the go-kart track champion at Coles County. His goal in the late model division is to keep improving.  

Clint would like to thank Dan, R.A. Sparks, Team 19 and his dad Ace for all of their help and support in his racing career. 

Quote: “it’s a lot of hard work, but it’s a good time”