Brian Overton

           # 65

Brian  Overton is from Sesser and is 32 years old. Bryan began racing Bombers in 1995. He began racing because he had always wanted to race.

Bryans car is a Chevy with a 383 engine.  Dale Earnhardt  is his racing hero.

Brian says that finishing a race and not eating the wall is his greatest racin  accomplishment. 

The first night Brian got in a car and raced was the greatest thrill, because he had wanted to race since he was a little kid. 

Brian's goal is  "to WIN!"   

Brian wants to thank Howard Overton, Willie Zemla , Hoss Zemla, Dannie Overton, and Cleave Pearson. for helping him with his racing program. 

Brian wanted a special thanks to all the people he could not mention .