Carl Sidener


Carl Sidener sportsman #39 from Springfield, IL is 41 years of age. He began racing in 1981 in the bomber division. Carl’s home track is Jacksonville but you can also catch him on the track at Macon and Farmer City. 

Carl started racing in 1981 at the "ol little" Springfield speedway.

Carl’s first win came in a bomber at Macon Speedway in 1991.  

 Carl’s sportsman is powered by a Chevy 410. 

Carl got into racing because his father Joe Sidener used to race. Carl says is father is his racing hero. His greatest racing accomplishment was winning the last chance race at the Springfield Mile in 1995. 

John Powell, Duke Lookis, Joe Sidener, JR. Fawns, Sandra Lane, Lou Eskew, Rick Lowe,  ChrisPfieler, Dave Folton, Rick Hamm and a lot more have helped Carl over the years. He  wants to thank  them all.

QUOTE: “here’s mud in your eyes”

Carl finished 9th in the points at Jacksonville in 2001.

Carl is looking at late model racing in 2002.