Dave Collins II drives the #88 Truck.  He is 34 years old.  His Home Track is Spoon River Speedway.

Dave drives the green and white '80 Chevy Short Bed 358ci.

Dave started racing in 2001 in the Truck Class at the Spoon River Speedway because he had watched his Dad and it looked fun.

His first win was in 2001 in the Truck Class.   The highligh for last year was winning the Season Championship. 

The thrill of racing for Dave is the competition with my brother-in-law.  His greatest thrill is "being out there with the old man"!

Dick Brown, Dave Collins I, Dave Collins II, Greg Wells, Dixie Collins and Gayle Wells have helped Dave in his racing career.

Dave's racing hero is Dave Collins I.

Dave's quote is "brakes are for pussy's".






















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