Derrick Bartlett


     Derrick Bartlett thunder stock #02 from Philpot, KY is 18 years of age. His home track is Kentucky Motor Speedway.

     Derrick began racing in 2001. He claimed his first win in his rookie year. Derrick finished 2nd in points in 2001 at KMS.

     Derrick's thunder stock is a 1979 Chevy Impala. His racing heroes are Frankie Bartlett and John Hayden.

     Derrick's greatest racing accomplishments are 2 feature wins and 2nd in points all in his rookie year. His biggest racing thrill is the midseason 50 lap win and the season championship 50 lap win.

     Derrick's racing goals are a great race team and hopes to make it to Nashville Speedway USA.

     Derrick would like to thank mom & dad, Jarred Bartlett, Frankie Bartlett, Terry Hamilton, Phil Estes and Marty Owens.

Derrick's quote: "Remember the name Derrick Bartlett"! 

















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