Jason Koger 


Jason is 23 years old from Utica, Ky. His home track is Western Kentucky Speedway but also races at Calvert City, Paducah and Bardstown.

Jason started in 1997 in the Sportsman class.

When asked why he started racing, Jason says “His Grandad always wanted him to, and he died the night I got my car together he was 84 years old and that’s why my number is #84.”

Jason’s First Win came in 1997 at Windy Hollow Speedway. Also got 2nd in points that same year.

Jason now drives a Late Model Chevy, Masterbilt, 414 Brodix.

His favorite driver is: Dale Earnhardt #3

When asked what his greatest racing accomplishment he says, “Being where we are with what we started with.”

Greatest thrill, “Being in control of something that is uncontrollable .

His goal is to win the UDTRA race.

People that have helped: Matt Ebelhar, Matt Bratcher, Jason Mercer and Brad Hill.

Quote: “She’ll Go Or She’ll Blow.”

















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