Michael  Coakley


 Michael is 38 years old did from Morton's Gap Ky.  He races  modifieds at his home track of Western Ky. at Nebo and WKS, KLMS, Windy Hollow, and Soggy Bottoms. 

Michael began racing in 1994 in a bomber at Pennyrile Raceway.  Dirt racing  is a tradition in the Coakley  family.  The late Wayne Coakley started racing in 1969. 

There have been five different Coakleys to race Wayne, and two brothers  Gerald  and R.C., raced  up the 70s.  Jerry son of R.C.   who started at 15 and Michael. 

Michael won his second race in  his rookie year of 1994 in a bomber at the Pennyrile Raceway. 

The car is a Chevy/WT Harris.

Michael is proud of winning at least one  feature in 6-8 seasons and never finishing out of the top 5 in points at  Western Ky. Speedway.

Michaels greatest thrill was the first time he started a race in a modified at Windy Hollow knowing that all of his relatives had raced there. He started 12th and finished 3rd.

The goals in racing  for Michael is to   continue to win. To win a track championship and  to keep the legendary memory of #33 Wayne Coakley.

His Mom and Dad, Dwayne Rogers, his brother-in-law Clayton. He also wants to thank Jerry Coakley for putting him in a Mod and Lloyd Donahoo for letting me  use his car.

Quote:" Its a Coakley family racin tradition. Lets go racin."




















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