Jimmy Guidry


Jimmy is 31 years old and from Grand View In. His home track is Chandler and he races Nebo, Windy Hollow, Tri-state, Brownstown, and Mt. Vernon Il.

Jimmie started racing in a pure stock at Chandler in 1999. He began because he was "told I could not do it." He won his first race his rookie year. He also won the Chandler track championship in pure stock his rookie year.

2002 is Jimmie's Rookie year as a UMP Open Wheel Driver, His first win came May 31st. at Western Kentucky Speedway.

The car is a Falloway Chassis with a 377 cu in engine.

Jim Hettinger is his racing hero.

When ask what his greatest racing accomplishment was Jimmie said "being points Champion, as a rookie."

His greatest racing thrill was winning the Westerfield Memorial  in 2001.

Jimmie's goal is Nascar. 

The crew and helpers are  Mike, Justin, Joe, Julie and Randi, Amy, Travis, and Danielle. 

Quote: "its Legal!!!!!!!!!!!"












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