Mike Mccaw


Mike is 38 years old and from Nortonville Ky. His home track is Western Ky. speedway at Nebo.

His 2002 car is a 1986 Dodge Diplomat with a 318. 

Mike started racing in a cruiser at Western Ky. Speedway in 2001/ He had watched and enjoyed the sport and tried it and was hooked.

He got his first win in a cruiser in 2002 at Westerner Ky.  

The thrill of competition and winning are the thrill of racing for Mike. Winning back to back heats is his greatest racing thrill.

Surviving a triple roll over in hot laps is the thing he is most proud of.

Dale Earnhardt and Tony Stewart are his favorite drivers.

Jimmy Bowman,  and Tom and Steve Littlepage help.

Quote: "Race like you live, go for all the marbles, remember second is just the first looser."






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