Brad Barnett

 # 24 

 Brad Barnett is 29 years old from Owensboro, Ky.  His home track is Windy Hollow but also races at Western Kentucky Speedway and Central Park Raceway. 

Brad drives #24 Red, White and Blue Chevy with a 358 ci. 

He started racing in 1999 in the Cruiser division at Windy Hollow.  Following in the footsteps of his dad.  And the fact that he says, “He Love it, and it’s so much fun.” 

This is Brad’s 3rd year and he say’s,  “ he hopes to have a safe fun year”

When asked what is the thrill of racing for you was? He says, "coming from the back of the pack and winning." 

Brad hopes to get at least a top 3 finish in points and “Win some races”. 

Crew that have helped him: Dad, Mom and Family. 

His favorite driver is the “Dirty White Boy” Steve White. 

Good luck Brad!!!









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