Mark Stallings



Mark Stallings is 32 years old from Owensboro, Ky.  His home track is Windy Hollow Speedway but also races at Western Kentucky Speedway and Central Park Raceway.

Mark drives a 1980 Chevrolet Caprice purple in yellow in the cruiser division.
Mark started racing because of his brother Curtis Stallings who was racing.
Mark started in 1991 in a Pure Stock at Windy Hollow.
His 2001 Highlights: Won 7 straight races in the crusier division then moving up to Pure Stock in the same year and finishing 10th in points.
Mark's career so far as gave him the Points Championship in the Pure Stock division in 1998.
When asked what is the thrill for racing for you he says " The Speed and Competition."
Mark's Greatest racing thrill was winning the Westerfield Memorial.
His future goals are to win races and "Have Fun."
Mark's favorite driver is: Dale Jr.
Quote: "If Your Flyin I'm Buyin"


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