Timothy Boyle


Timothy is 17 years old and from Owensboro Ky. He races a street stock at his home track of Windy Hollow. He also races at  Nebo, McHenry, Soggy bottoms, and Chandler.

He began racin in 1999 in a pure stock, because "Its in my blood." He ran  5th in the points in 2000. 

When ask about his car  he said "That's for me to know."

This year 2002 Timothy built his car on his won with no money backers helping him, and luvracin thinks that is a great racing accomplishment for a 17 year old.

The greatest thrill in racin for Timothy is racing the best, and learning from them. 

The thrill of racing for him is "the edge of out of control."

Who helped: Mom and Dad  for putting me on this earth, brother Andrew who runs the black #3, Doug, Deborah, James, Mike, and Timmy. 

The goal in 2001 is to win his first race and championship.

Quote: "Win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat!"

Ricky Rudd is his guy. 







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