Doug McCammon


     Doug McCammon #92 from Palestine, IL is 51 years of age. He is currently running with the Northern Allstars Late Model Series.

     Doug began racing in 1973 in the late model division. Doug started racing after he went and watched, got the "fever" and been doing it ever since! 

     Doug's first win came in 1975 in a late model at Stoy Speedway. He's won 15 track championships throughout his career.

     Doug's late models are a Rayburn and a Warrior powered by Hatfield Race Engines. His racing hero is the late Dale Earnhardt.

     Doug's greatest racing accomplishment is his first feature win. His greatest racing thrill was winning 4 in a row right after his first. Doug's racing goals are to have a good time and win as many as possible!

     Doug would like to thank Harold Sparks, Rod Sparks, Jim Anderson, Greg Fuller and Brian Nethery for all of their help and support of his racing career.

Doug's quote: "If you're married, you better have an understanding wife"!!!